Join the Community & Network


Here’s a few quick and easy ways to dive into the BWB Community + Get Involved:

There’s a lot of ways people choose to connect and we’ve attempted to create as many ways as possible. Here’s a few:

  1. Newsletters (Quarterly & Special Announcements)
  2. Volunteers Worldwide FB Group (Conversational & Immediate)
  3. Our NEW Telegram Group (updates straight to your phone!)
  4. BWB Instagram
  5. Main BWB FB Page (Announcements)

Projects are the backbone of Burners Without Borders and anyone can create a BWB project if it is mission and value aligned. We try to bring as much creativity and collaboration to our projects as possible & think about how the Burning Man 10 Principles influence the work.

Steps to creating a project:
> Check out our ‘Create a Project‘ Page
> Consider reading our ‘Kickstarting Local Projects Tool-kit
> Fill out our ‘Project Proposal Form


Over the years, projects in local regions have turned into long-term communities. We call the looser informal communities ‘Working Groups’ and our more established communities ‘Chapters’. There are currently ~41 different Chapters and Working groups (2019).

Want to join your local community group? Check out the list of active community groups here. And don’t forget to plug into your Burning Man Regional Community as well.


Interested in starting a BWB Working Group in your local area? You can find the steps to creating a Working Group here.

Email if you’re interested in starting a working group and we can get that conversation rolling.