BWB is a meme that is propagating throughout the world with every project initiated by individuals like you. With the support of the BWB infrastructure including the website, list-serves, and coaching on community organizing, you can easily initiate civic projects in your local community. We're here to help. Join us in making history!


What do you care about? What kind of project would you like to see in your community?  Different problems require different solutions.  To start, think about the concerns you have for your own community. What sort of creative solutions could be used to create new outcomes?  You are invited to take some time and look at some of the projects on our website and get a feel for what others have done.  Find ways to bring as much creativity and fun to the project as possible.

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A successful BwB project is a collaborative project.  Start talking to your friends and community members and find out who shares your passion and vision.  Think about what types of skills, knowledge and resources are needed to complete your project.  Do you have them readily available or do you need to seek them out? Should you involve the local government, schools, or community groups?  The more heads and hands you have involved the greater your impact will be in your community.

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Write It Down

You need to be able to communicate your goals to someone else so that they can assist you in accomplishing them.  Start to write all of your ideas down.  Make action plans, material lists, budgets, and enthusiastic volunteer call outs.

CLICK HERE:  Kickstarting Local Civic Projects Template

Contact Us

Would you like support in bringing your great idea for your community to life? Please contact us, and tell us about your ideas. We’re here to help you make your project a success.

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