If there is a disaster that is directly affecting you or your nearby community:

      • BWB’s ability to help during an active disaster is limited, however we encourage you to reach out and research global and local disaster relief organizations, mutual aid networks, and community hubs in the area. There are probably people nearby activating in the area who can use your help. Start small- the fastest groups to arrive on the scene are usually local civilian groups. Someone near you has probably started a distribution center. Find them and see if you can help. 
      • If you’re a part of a mutual aid network, onsite and assessing needs, or coordinating direct services in your community: email bwb@burningman.org with as much information as possible and we’ll use you as an on-site contact to funnel volunteer interest/community resources when it’s appropriate. 
      • Stay safe, follow all evacuation mandates and do not try to be a hero! If you don’t have a crisis skillset, please keep yourself safe (you don’t want to become another person that the emergency services need to rescue). There will be time to help after the immediate crisis moment has passed. 
      • Once it’s time for “recovery mode” BWB is able offer resources in the form of: 
        • helping connect local initiatives, burner groups and volunteers in an area 
        • working with our partners and affiliates to see if there are resources we can help arrange
        • connecting and amplifying the work burners are doing out to the global network
        • Advice, consultation, and mentorship if you have an appropriate project/initiative that you need support in implementing well

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