How and what kind of support can I get from BWB during a Disaster?


BWB is not a civilian army, and we don’t “dispatch” crews to respond to crisis. We support groups and leaders standing up in their own initiatives and communities so that we can amplify and support the work that’s already happening in the extended burnersphere. In the world we live in, there are disasters happening every day. We know that at this point the question is not if, but when a disaster will strike in your area. The best way to respond to a disaster is to prepare before it hits. That’s right- if you’re reading this and things are going well- NOW is the time to start preparing with your community of practice. 

*Be mindful that not all help is created equal in the wake of a disaster. Taking a moment, stepping back and evaluating what the greatest need is in your community and working to address that can go a lot farther than diving in with passion but no concrete data about how to have a real impact.

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