If there is a disaster right now, and it’s NOT directly affecting you:


Pause, take a breath, and read this article from BWB co-founder Tom Price. Save your energy for when the real work begins, which will probably be weeks or months from now! The instinct to help is strong in the immediate media blast, but now is not the most useful time to help. Unless you have specialized skills/are invited with a local group, now is not the time to send yourself or donations (besides cash) to a disaster zone. 

You can start now by keeping yourself informed about the disaster, and trying to connect with folks on the ground who will have a real understanding of needs in the months to come- but if the disaster is still active then have some patience- the people you’re hoping to help are probably not ready for your help yet.

Join the BWB Volunteers Worldwide facebook group, we will share out any relevant calls to action as soon as it makes sense.

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