Does Everyone in BWB Do Disaster Response?


While BWB was born from disaster response, we continue to evolve, and our members participate in ALL KINDS of civic actions in addition to direct disaster response. Our main goal as a network is to create communities of practice, and there are plenty of ways to do that when your community is not experiencing an immediate disaster. In fact, the right time to prepare is before disaster strikes. Our chapters use civic impact projects to practice working together, so when a disaster happens: they are ready to work as a team and organize for a rapid response. Prepared communities of practice can (and have) activated disaster response in the form of: distribution hubs, demolition services, search and rescue missions, power and infrastructure, and more. Whether you are working with other community members to solve real problems, or hosting workshops/opportunities to densen your local network and learn new skills, by developing a local community of practice you are building community resilience.

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