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BWB NEWS 12/05/2023

2023 BWB Fall Newsletter

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In an increasingly complex world marked by escalating climate crises, extreme natural disasters, refugee migrations, and the unsettling rise of armed conflicts, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Amidst the interconnected complexity, this stands clear: the most immediate impact we can often make is in the care we offer—both to our communities and ourselves. Through compassion and action, we can create a ripple effect that guides our world toward reciprocity and resilience.

As we reflect on the transformative experiences within the unique confines of Black Rock City, we find profound lessons that extend far beyond the playa. One of our BWB board members, Jennie Kay, eloquently encapsulated this sentiment:

“When I describe Burning Man, it’s a defined container for people to experiment and self-express, nearly 80k people simultaneously telling their story. In this container, many of these stories may appear—in conflict—on the surface. Yet, somehow, we manage to navigate countless polarities, complete the event cycle, and consider ourselves successful. To me, Burning Man is a sandbox, a training ground, an experimental lab to learn the human skills needed to navigate the greater world with a thoughtful container defined by values over variables. When we take our experiment out of the lab and navigate the polarities of genuine consequence, it is essential we hold this container of human experience, if only to remember our humanity. There is no us and them, only us.”

In a world of heightened vulnerability, it becomes our collective opportunity to elevate the human experience and expand our capacity to support those who need it most. In the act of giving, we discover the essence of our interconnected humanity.

While we may not be able to change the world overnight, together, we can foster resilient communities that not only survive these challenging times but also dare to thrive within them. Thanks for being here with us on this mission.


Seeking the Understanding to Help Bridge Divides:

We are currently engaged in a deep listening process with our community to identify the most effective projects and resources available to respond to the ongoing war in Israel and Palestine. If you have a project you’re passionate about and would like to initiate, we encourage you to submit it through our project proposal form. Additionally, if you are aware of projects that align with our mission and could benefit from our support, please reach out to us at

A fundamental principle that guides our work at BWB is our recognition that individuals are not defined by their governments. We are Burners Without Borders because we recognize the inherent humanity in all people, and we will not discriminate against anyone base on nationality, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, country of origin, sexual orientation or anything else. Our aim is to be pro-humanity and pro-peace.

In the interim, we invite you to engage with these thoughtful conversations featuring friends of Burners Without Borders who have dedicated themselves to bridging divides in the region. These discussions aim to provide a more nuanced understanding and contribute to our collective pursuit of peace.




Life is a Festival: The Prayers of an Israeli and a Palestinian Burner
This recent podcast episode features a compassionate conversation with Sharon Avraham (Israeli Burner and co-founder of Midburn) and Sami Awad (Palestinian Burner and activist). This conversation reminds us of the importance of bridges during difficult times. Listen here.




Openness, Dialogue and Exchange: Lessons from the Muslim-Jewish Conference

Recorded in Black Rock City 2016, Lionel Mitelpunkt discusses the lessons from the Muslim Jewish Conference, which is a dialogue and leadership organization for students and young professionals, bringing together important representatives and young leadership from Muslim and Jewish communities and beyond. Listen here. 




Culturally Attuned:
Connecting Across Historic Divides

Liel Maghen shares with us about how people who live amid violent conflicts suffer trauma–and even inherit it when that conflict has extended across generations. While trauma can harden us against our perceived foes, remarkably, with time, people can use shared traumas to build connections, even with those we have seen as enemies. Listen here. 


Responding to Hurricane Otis in Acapulco, MX


Hurricane Otis slammed into Acapulco, Mexico on October 25th, a surprise Category 5 hurricane with 165 mph winds that left a trail of devastation in its wake.

BWB Mexico is reaching out with a heartfelt request and opportunity to support the community which is currently grappling with a humanitarian crisis. They are currently seeking financial assistance, volunteers, resource sharing, and support with outreach. Read more on the BWB website on how to support.


Update from BWB Program Manager Molly Rose:


Molly Rose, from the Burners Without Borders team, with a life transition to share:

“After five years, I am moving on from my position as Program Manager with BWB. Spending these past years supporting and amplifying grassroots civic impact worldwide has been a true privilege. In that time, I’ve seen a shared culture that brings forward authentic care, adaptability, and true joy in service – and you all inspire me as leaders and models of these cultural values.

I look forward to finding new ways to engage with the BWB community as a volunteer and participant and send so much love to the BWB Team and this community of leaders with whom I’ve had the honor to collaborate. For those who wish, I invite you to stay in touch!”






BWB Camp in Black Rock City 2023:

The BWB camp in Black Rock City faced a unique challenge when the city transformed into Mud Rock City this year. The experience underscored the importance of terms like ‘community of practice,’ ‘preparedness,’ and ‘resilience.’

We maintained open lines of communication through regular meetings, canvassed our neighborhood to asses needs and available resources, and found joy in each other’s company despite the storm. Read one camper’s reflection related to BRC disaster preparedness here.

More highlights from the event include:

  • A three-day speaker series focused on sustainability, creating impact, and building community.
  • BWB Hawaii shared up-to-date information about the recovery efforts in Lahaina Maui).
  • Collaborating with other theme camps through BLAST (Burner Leadership Achieving Sustainable Theme Camps) and RAT (Renewables for Artist Team) and creating a visionary neighborhood known as ‘The Green Corridor.’

Sustainability by the numbers:

  • 10 camps participated in the Green Corridor
  • 63 camps were visited by BLAST volunteers
  • RAT mentored 28 artists and 4 theme camps to begin using renewable energy

We’ll be sharing more as we finish up final reports on our website.




BWB Worldwide:
Nourishing Resilience – Preparing for Disaster

In July, BWB Worldwide featured Morgan Winburn from Establishing Roots and Dave and Amanda from Grassroots Aid Partnership. Morgan shares practical knowledge on how Phoenix is addressing its food deserts and innovative solutions that proactively address a food crisis before it occurs. Dave and Amanda share personal stories on supporting and aiding areas following acute disasters. They specialize in offering food and delivering compassion, positivity, and healing through their food service.
Watch the replay here.




Iranian Bus Project Tours DC
The Iranian Bus project, a pink bus providing services to Iranian and Afghan women, was launched alongside the first anniversary of the Iranian revolution. The bus debuted with a tour of the DC metro area and received extensive media coverage, especially from the Farsi-speaking community, connecting hearts from around the world and within Iran.

The project is evolving: Imagine an army of pink buses run by Iranian and Afghan women helping other women. It’s a symbolic gesture of unity, which will additionally provide social services assistance.

Bardia shares how BWB’s support impacted this project:
“You guys (BWB) planted the seed in my head by asking what, if any, I am doing regarding the revolution in Iran. I would not have expected, in my wildest dreams, to have the project reach this wide of an audience! That was almost one year ago. Thank you!!”- Bardia Saeedi (Project Lead)




Burning Man 2023 Sustainability Report: Year Four Update
Burning Man Project hosted it’s annual sustainability update on the fourth anniversary of publishing the 2030 Sustainability Roadmap. In it, they discuss progress toward the three goals: Handle Waste Ecologically, Be Regenerative, and Be Carbon Negative. Watch the replay here.






BWB Detroit
Since 2007, BWB Detroit has gifted thousands of backpacks to the unhoused. This year, we’re evolving our focus to aid those enduring Detroit’s harsh winters on the streets. Collaborating with New Path Villages, we aim to provide a warm sanctuary for the chronically homeless, who often brave the elements due to full shelters. With your help, we’ve initiated a program offering shelter, food, and warmth on cold nights, The cost of running this program from December through March is approximately $15,000. We are requesting donations this year to support this crucial effort, and your generosity is tax-deductible. 

You can mail checks to: New Path Villages, 4350 Yorkshire, Detroit MI 48824

Venmo: NPV373  or PayPal:




BWB New York
Faerie Tayler Presents

“Once Upon a Felony,” an ongoing and queer fairytale series about being directly impacted by the [carceral] criminal punishment system and the struggles thereafter.

“This series is about freedom- the ability to represent myself and to gain artistic citizenship using public art as a civic function. I believe in radical expression, civic engagement, transparency, inclusion, a DO-ANYTHING-NOW mentality, and how art can evolve our neighborhoods into more empathetic and compassionate places​.”- Noelle Faerie

Learn more about this ongoing project and how you can get involved here and follow on IG here and connect with the BWB New York 




BWB San Franciso & Bay Area 
Decompression 2023

Did you see the San Francisco and Bay Area BWB crew at SF Decompression this year? BWB members came together to represent BWB culture, teach participants about the program, and talk about how to get involved with local chapters. Thank you to the team that came together!

If you want to join the SF BWB chapter, please email MissConception at or look for our local or regional chapter on the BWB website here.






Volunteer for BWB HQ | WordPress Website Support
We are looking for dedicated individuals who are passionate about our mission and want to contribute by volunteering their time and skills to help maintain and improve our WordPress website. This remote position would require 5-15 hours per week and offers a unique opportunity to support a global network of passionate volunteers and change-makers. If you’re interested in contributing to BWB as a WordPress Website Assistant, please send your resume and a brief message of interest to Subject: WordPress Volunteer. We look forward to welcoming you to our team and making a positive impact together!




Development & Communications Director for Limitless Horizons Ixil
Are you passionate about international development, girls’ education, and philanthropy? Do you have a knack for storytelling and building meaningful connections with donors? This role is your chance to make a difference! Join the team at Limitless Horizons Ixil! We’re seeking a dynamic Development and Communications Director to lead our mission in Chajul, Guatemala. *This remote position requires travel to the developing community of Chajul, Guatemala (6 hours from Antigua) at least 2 times a year. Learn more here.




Letter of Intent Opens for the 2024 Temple
While we only just burned the Temple of the Heart, it’s time to start planning for next year so artists can have as much time as possible to create our spiritual home on playa.
Temple applications are due by November 16, 2023 at 5pm PT.

Learn more about applying:

photo: @jamenpercy.burn






Friends of Black Rock-High Rock announce its exhibition season

Friends of Black Rock-High Rock is honored to announce its exhibition season, featuring the works of Reno-based artists Rachel Stiff and Luke Rizotto. The Artist in Residence program, in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management, has provided countless works of art highlighting the unique landscape and character of one of the country’s largest, most remote, and most visually stunning wilderness areas.

Titled “Indefinite State,” this exhibit reflects the ever-changing conditions of the Black Rock Desert and surrounding National Conservation Area, as evidenced through light, weather, climate change, and human activity. It is open now at the McKinley Arts Center in Reno and runs through December 3rd. Visit for more information on these upcoming shows and all the exciting work Friends of Black Rock-High Rock is doing to steward these cherished wild spaces.






As found in Curbed
Learn about the BWB experience on playa as mentioned by community member Lina Plioplyte in this retrospective on how Burners fared in the Black Rock City mud.
Read Here




As found in CultureWag
An excerpt from Veteran Burner Chris Weitz’s article as he reflects on mud, poop, and love “Had there been a real humanitarian crisis, we had the expertise of Burners Without Borders to fall back on.” Read Here






‘Art as a Tool for Impact’ panel recorded LIVE at BWB BRC 2023
The “Art as a Tool for Impact” panel is a collaboration with our friend at the FarAway Projects and is part of ongoing conversations that explore the artist’s role as instigators and amplifiers of cultural movements who possess the power to impact the world. We invite you to listen and join the conversation




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