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PROJECTS BLOG 12/24/2013

2nd Sundays Seattle: Nicelsville Platform Build

This was a challenging and back breaking day.  We built platforms to raise the tents off the ground  belonging to the homeless people who live there.   We covered them in plastic and created awnings to keep the tents dry.  We used pallets and wood donated by the community.  We took down and rebuilt a structure twice the size for their donation tent using a large tent donated by a community member.  We provided hot organic made from scratch soup and bread that was cooked by a member of the community and served by us.  We brought them firewood, filled two propane tanks and countless numbers of blankets and tents.  We left them spare tools, wood and plastic to keep going after we left.

This project changed me.  It was one of the hardest working days of my life.  We stood in gravel and mud and literally swung hammers to build structures for six hours.  We were asked not to use screws and drills because when they have to move they can’t get the structures apart.  They asked us not to donate drills because they will just be stolen.  When we left they were literally hugging us and asking us not to leave.  I was thanked countess times and told that we brought them hope that people do still care.  They stood at the edge of my van and waved to us yelling to come back again soon.  



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