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BWB NEWS 03/12/2019

Art Without Borders: Civic Ignition Grant

One of our 2018 European Leadership Summit Civic Ignition grant recipients is Nea Kavala Art Without Borders by Love Without Borders

Project lead Kayra Martinez shares the story:

Love Without Borders worked with children on the run from war to create a tour of their artistic creations. The art is traveling around the globe to create awareness about the refugee crisis, the art tells the stories of those that are displaced, living in camps, squats, and housing communities in Greece, and gives them a personal story through the bio‘s we write.

We try to create a positive story about the people that are displaced and make people aware, this could be their brother, son, or other family member. The photos of the purchaser of art is sent back to the artist, which shows the artist how special, important and valuable their story and personhood is.

30 people participated in the development and execution of this project, which has been experienced by thousands. With the $656.00 Civic Ignition grant, we were able to pay the 19 children for their lovely art. This allows them to have extra money to buy food for their families. We brought the children from the squats, shelters and other housing communities that really needed support. Some families don’t have cash cards and this money has really helped to support their families in Greece.

This project was radically inclusive: we invited all refugees regardless of origin to join in our program and workshop. The workshop allowed the children to  express their trauma through drawing. There’s no stipulations on what they draw. We leave it to them to use their emotion to create their art and their story.

To learn more and support the ongoing work of Love Without Borders click here.

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