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BWB NEWS 06/04/2019

Barberque: 2018 Community Microgrant Update!

One of our 2018 Community Micro Grant Recipients is the 3rd annual BarberQue, in Chicago!

Project leader Megan Hinchy describes the project:

A unique celebration of life that occurs when you combine the functionality of a barbershop with the delicious grub of a barbecue.

BarberQue strives to provide resources of opportunity to those facing homelessness by bringing community members together and working collectively to spread joy, understanding, and support. BarberQue provides food, clothing, toiletries, art, games, and haircuts to those that are facing homelessness in Chicago. Perhaps more importantly we invite social service organizations including housing, employment, health screenings, and more. 30 people have collaborated to produce this project, which has been experienced by more than 500 people.

Radical Inclusion, Gifting, Communal Effort and Civic responsibility are definitely represented strongly at our event. We welcome any and everyone to join us. The people that do join us have the option for radical self expression as well. BarberQue offers free clothing and haircuts and styling. Participants can choose a new outfit and totally new hairstyle at BarberQue!

BarberQue is very unique in that it brings people from all walks of life together to sit down and share a meal. People come from all over the city and even from other states. The local businesses and organizations participate and donate. The community where BarberQue is held (West Humboldt Park) participates in the event as well. And it is held at a location that is easily accessible to many overnight shelters and a popular congregating location for those without homes. Because of all this many people from many backgrounds find themselves at BarberQue sharing this experience.

To learn more about BarberQue, find them here.

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organizing team!
lunch for everyone
kids at the art table!


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