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BWB NEWS 02/19/2019

Civic Ignition Update: Elk Creek Art Walk Designs are In!

One of our Multi-Regional Summit 2018 Civic Ignition Grant recipients is The Elk Creek Community Park Art Walk.

8 people participated in the ideation of an art walk in Elk Creek Community Park. So far, 20 community members have designed quilted “art blocks” using squares of plywood, to be painted and used to transform a walking trail in the park into an art walk.

Some of the designs:

Summer Block Design
Spring Block Design

The total cost of this project has been supported by the BWB Civic Ignition Grant. The initial designs have been created, and this project will be completed this summer.

An Update from Sunshine:

Project lead Sunshine described two successes of this project already. The first is the enthusiasm that community members felt in designing their art blocks. Community members are looking forward to continuing this project, painting art blocks in the spring and summer months. The Elk Creek Community Park has been abandoned for 20 years, and is being revitalized through this ongoing project. It’s exciting to see the neighborhood become aware that this park is open for their enjoyment.


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