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2012-11-21 19.20.21  

Community Participation- Burning Man Style

In early November, BWB’s Richard Scott arrived in New Jersey to assess the damage from Hurricane Sandy.  As luck would have it, the town of Manasquan, NJ, has an age old tradition of a pre-Thanksgiving pep rally and bonfire.  Rich was asked by the town council members if the BWB crew would be interested creating some sculptures for the fire, and he gladly accepted.

Though the fire event was considerably smaller than what we’re used to, we were all happy to get involved.  Rich, Spoono, and Tall Mike collected storm debris from the neighborhood and got to work, building sculptures that reflected the school and community spirit.  Locals donated tools, and the Borough DPW even dropped off a generator to run the equipment.  As the gents created, Jovia and Brenda arrived to paint.  After a few days of desk work figuring out project logistics, it was great fun being out in the sun, making art together!

Marching bands played, pom poms were waved and a good time was had by all.  The entire town turned out for the bonfire!  It was really lovely to participate in the community’s healing process.  The BWB crew left with smiles ear to ear from some great comments overhead in the crowd.  “This is the best community ever, who wouldn’t want to be here and part of this community.  We’re one of the only towns that can still do this.”…sounded a lot like conversations we’ve all had on the Playa!


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