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PROJECTS BLOG 02/19/2015

Donate Your Old Android Phone to BWB and Make a Difference

When Will Ruddick was imprisoned in Nairobi two years ago for introducing alternative currencies to Kenya’s poorest, it seemed that the program was doomed to fail. But after quickly winning a court case against the Central Bank of Kenya, alternative currencies are now legal with the full support of the government and are beginning to spread throughout Africa and beyond.

The 4 currencies we have launched have proven to be incredibly successful in stabilizing the economy of informal settlements (slums) where access to the national currency is almost impossible to come by. Families are able to pay for their school fees, food and other basic necessities that would otherwise be out of reach. The international community is taking notice, including economist, Tony Greco, who says that our program’s successes are unparalleled by most international development programs.

As a part of the program, we do surveys using Android phones to discover how the currencies are being used and to ensure they are being circulated throughout the community. And this is where you and your Android phone come in to play.

Rather than spend funds that could be spent on expanding the currencies into new regions, we are hoping to receive 50 Android phones with the following specs.

  1. Used Android phones OS 1.6+ and higher with USB port
  2. Working GPS and camera.
  3. Unlocked and able to take a sim card.

If you would like to donate but are think your phone might be too old, try downloading the following from Google Play:

1. From your device’s application drawer, choose the Play Store.

2. Search for “ODK” and choose “ODK Collect” from “Open Data Kit”.

3. Select that result and click the Install button. Click OK after viewing the security settings.

Please spread the word to all your friends, and send your Android phone to:


660 Alabama St. 4th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94110


Thank you for your support. This community is unstoppable.




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