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Footprint Project Responds to Mississippi Tornadoes

March, 31st 2023

Footprint Project has deployed it’s Energy Response Team to support Mississippi’s recovery from the recent tornadoes. They have received requests for solar generators and will be activating equipment from their hub in New Orleans. They are committing an initial emergency donation of 2kW solar generators and 800W portable battery packs. They are also scoping sites for larger 8kW micro-grid deployments to serve long-term recovery + rebuild needs.

If you know of community resilience sites that are in need of power, or have generator equipment available to deploy, please contact For additional support requests, please see below–  

1. If you know of partners with additional, turn-key mobile solar generators in the Southeast that could be rapidly mobilized, please contact, or fill out our Solar Asset Intake Form.
 2. If you have leads to loose solar and battery equipment donations please reach out. Here is our list of Emergency Donations we accept. Loose equipment donations will be used to assemble new community mobile solar generators for future disasters in the region.
 3. If you live within a ~100 mile radius of the impacted area, we may need assistance with setting up generators and/or microgrid solar arrays. Please fill out this form to indicate your interest and availability. 
4. As always, if you or someone you know needs emergency solar energy for a disaster response mission, please fill out our Mobile Solar Energy Request Form or contact us directly. We’ll do our best to provide you with clean power.  

Lastly, donations get us on the ground and allow us to stay there. Thank you for helping us #BuildBackGreener!


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