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BWB NEWS 06/11/2019

Girl Journalists on the Move: BWB 2018 Community Grant Update!

One of our 2018 Community Micro Grant Recipients is the Girl Journalists on the Move, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania!

Project leader Simon Martha Mkina describes the project:

All funds released by BWB were solely used for implementing the program as mutually agreed, and funded 100% of the pilot program. This project was based on working with 10 girls to develop skills in journalism and media-training. The girls aged 15-21 were trained on reporting, writing and create digital journalism content. At first, twice per week, the girls trained for free with Tanzania Journalists Alliance editors and media mentors. This went go for four weeks, which means they had 8 classes.
Under round one, the program was implemented at St. Cornelius Secondary School, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The following students successfully completed the program modules: Aisha Kiteto, Dalila Nasoro, Fidea Charles, Leah Yonanzi, and Renata Fortunatus.

The taught modules were: Introduction to Journalism; News writing and Reporting; Introduction to Visual Story telling; Social Media and Journalism Ethics.

The present report highlights some of the verifiable and illustrative success stories that Tajoa has achieved in the past six months, that is, from October 2018 to March 2019.

Some of the Burning Mans’ Ten Principles to help to prevent the common violences of ordinary people toward each other and the planet were exemplified in the execution of our project in an interesting way.

The people who participated in the project were: mentors, two editors, ten girls who were recruited in the program, five girls of whom went on with the program until its completion. Our program focused on writing various stories that addressed civic, environmental, or social issues in the community. The impact of this project was that the girls self-image is changing from negative to positive as the community recognizes their capabilities, which at times have been superior to males.To find out about upcoming grant opportunities, subscribe to the BWB newsletter.


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