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PROJECTS BLOG 01/21/2010

Motomoto Successes

Ismail and Isaya have moved off the streets!

They seem really happy about it. I’m happy not because of the place – but because they have really chosen to be off the street. Which ideally means they will be changing their lifestyle.

Just having to commit to paying rent is a big deal.  But now they are moving off the streets and moving up in their performances as well: new costumes, bigger shows.  It’s all happening. 

Not only is the boys’ success becoming a visible reality, but Moto Moto itself is moving up as well!  We had our first meeting since we got our business license as Hope al-Nur (meaning ‘Light’ in Arabic). It went well.   This legal, community-based organization will continue to do good works like those begun with Moto Moto Circus.  Besides discussion groups on reproductive health and fire dance classes with out of school youth, living on and off the street, the organization will focus on three activities. The first is our outreaches to children’s homes to remove stigma around street living youth and HIV. The second is “Take Back the Night” events in Mombasa – where we gather in large numbers and march though the streets of Mombasa to spread awareness in order to prevent rape and violence. The third is a quarterly workshop where we focus for a week on empowerment training for youth.  Hope al-Nur is already planning a 3 day Women’s Fire Dance and Empowerment Training in January!

They guys of Moto Moto are committed to teaching and mentoring younger children on the streets – which is something I want to get them some more training for and pay them to do under Hope al-Nur. The MotoMoto shows will only bring in an income during peak tourism season. Which happens to be now – the boys had their big Christmas shows on the 24th and 25th of December at the Tembo Disco Club.  As usual, they rocked the house!


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2 Responses to “Motomoto Successes”

  1. Swathi Seshadri says:

    Great stuff! Would Motomoto be willing to do a performance at my wedding in December at the Safari Park Hotel.
    How much would you charge?
    Call me on 0723 313131