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PROJECTS BLOG 11/17/2022

Native Solidarity Project Holiday Gift Drive

Native Solidarity Project, a Coalition of Native Americans and Burning Man participants, has launched their annual Holiday Gift Drive to benefit our playa neighbors in and around Pyramid Lake. You can help out via the sources listed below until December 15.

Native Solidarity Project (NSP) is a Coalition of Native Americans and Burning Man participants from all walks of life.  The founding partners are Randy Burns (Paiute), Marlon Fixico (Cherokee) with non-natives Gigi Phoenix Gallaway (Vermont), Jon “Farmer” Farnsworth (Gerlach), with Shay Howell & Kitten Calfee (San Francisco).  They are a network of allies & organizations dedicated to working together towards common goals, including Burners Without Borders, the Two Spirit Queer Alliance, the Northern Nevada Two Spirit Society and Comfort & Joy fiscal sponsor is Hack Foundation.


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