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PROJECTS BLOG 12/24/2013

Nickelsville Halloween for Homeless Kids

 We rallied the community and asked for a miracle.  Every single item we asked for was found for the kids.  We set up a costume station complete with four large moving boxes full of costumes in every size, every accessory you can imagine, colored hair spray and face paint.  There was a 10×10 pop up that housed a professional photographer complete with full lighting gear and a high quality printer.  He took pictures and printed them all night. Right next to him was our very own Cocoa Dome.  They brought five gallons of hot cocoa and candy to hand out to everyone.  The Iron Monkey’s brought their Zen fire pit and wowed the kids with fire art right in the middle of the camp.  We rented a cotton candy machine for super cheap and handed out sweet treats to all.  

And yes, we brought hot organic home made soup, chili and bread for 40 people!  We also had donated cup cakes and other Halloween yummies from local bakeries.  We set up a feast along side what another organization brought and left food for a week.  As the sun set and the kids were just fully dressed our very own Lego Truck pulled up to the front gate with the entire truck blinking and the base at full blast.  The looks on those kids faces will be forever burned onto my heart.  I had told them there was a Lego truck coming and they had just tilted their little heads at me and asked “what’s a Lego truck?”  We formed a human adult chain that blocked any child from entering the street and let them at the truck.  They went nuts.  We stopped traffic because no one can drive by a flat bed truck built out of giant Lego’s that blinks to the insanely loud beat and has kids jumping all over it.  I got two random parent hugs during the Lego Truck time.  One of our local party stores donated two giant pinata’s.  We stuffed them with candy and toys donated by the community.  We also provide a treat bag with a tooth brush, tooth paste, blinky rings, a flash light and more in each one to every child.  We then escorted the kids trick or treating along with the parents in a giant Burner style parade.  At the end of the parade awaited our volunteers with more candy and toys then the kids could fit in their bags.  We then gathered them around for a closing fire show put on by WIllow who runs our local fire troupe and handles fire safety for the community.  The kids had never experienced anything like fire spinning before.  They were mesmerized by the fire dancing.  They cheered and hugged us when we said goodnight.  As we began to break down the party a three year old girl took two small flash lights that were on lanyards and began to spin them like poi.  The camp cheered for her and she danced with delight.

We literally rolled in, set up an all out awesome Halloween party and tore it all down leaving no trace in 4.5 hrs on site.  I sat on my bed that night and cried for the sheer selfless beauty my community had shown.  There is nothing more moving than thrilling a child who has nothing by giving them one night of what we do year round for fun.

Notes from our volunteers when asked what their favorite memories are from the Halloween for Homeless Kids Project

“I loved that the adults got a turn with the pinata! My personal favorite moment was getting a hug from the firedancer girl.”

“Watching the fire spinners with the little 3 year old and holding her hand to make sure she was a safe distance. She looked at my 15 year old son Milo behind us and said, “I want to hold HIS hand”, Which she did. So we happily watched the performance and she was the one spinning the flashlights afterward!”

“The lil dude. I got to tickle him on the Lego truck and he cuddled with me during the fire. Just sat down and leaned his head in.”

“One of my fav’s is being offered some candy from one of little ones. She wanted to share with me what she had….what little she could….*sniff* was a moment for me for sure.”

“After seeing a boy playing with the small plastic ninja toys, I asked if he had dinner yet. To which he replied, No. I said, “let’s go get some you can leave your toys here with my friend Snowflake,” he said “No way am I leaving these!” And so, we put them all back in his bag. He stopped me, grabbed one out and said, “this is for you.” I said thanks and we went to get some food.”

“Late in the night, as we were cleaning up, one boy noticed I didn’t have any blinkies. He asked where mine was and I told him I gave it away. He took off his blink skull ring and handed it to me and said, “now you have blink engagement ring and it is worth twelve thousand dollars, so don’t loose it.”

” I want to thank Burners Without Borders Seattle for restoring my faith in humanity this Halloween.  This group found costumes requested by the children of Nicklesville homeless camp, brought a glowing lego truck, organised trick or treating, DJs got the dance party started, pro photographers set up a booth for the kids, multiple pinatas, ect. I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween night. Thank you to all the awesome volunteers! You guys made my night!
“I was watching as a little boy was digging through his trick or treat candy, I went over to help him find what he was looking for. I asked if he was looking for a certain kind of candy. He said “No! I just want to brush my teeth! Can you help me?” I then helped him find his toothpaste in his huge bag of candy. He brought me over to the water source and ask for me to help him turn on the water. The joy on his adorable face as he brushed his teeth!


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