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“One Stitch at a Time”: Jakmel Ekspresyon’s new program seeks in-kind donations

Jakmel Ekspresyon community arts center is a space of non-discrimination that offers programs and workshops in creative skill sets. Workshops are one to two weeks in length. Programs are 8 months to a year in length. Students learn skills and receive a certificate of program completion that allows them to use the facilities to make money in the local market. We have a successful screen printing program and business currently. The center is working with artist and entrepreneur, Stephanie Victa, to open a new program centered on sewing and fashion design. Our goal is to support the niche market of costume design for the numerous dance and theater troupes in Jacmel, Haiti that receive government fund for the many festivals that happen yearly.

To make this program more affordable for us to achieve we are asking for in-kind donations. By donating just a few things in your closet you can help talented young Haitian artists earn money and express their vision. Thank you for your support!

5 –     Pre 1985 Singer home sewing machines, front load
6 –      Sewing gauge, 6-inch sewing gauge or small ruler
15 –    Measuring tape, flexible, 60 inches long
1-       Box of Tailor chalk
IDS 48pcs red
IDS 48pcs white
10 –    #17 Straight Silk Pins
10 –    Pins, Round Glass head or pearl head dressmaker pins
15 –    Seam Ripper, Reg
2   –    French curve 24″
1   –    Dot paper, 5 yards
1   –    Manila paper, 5 yards
1   –    Box of Pattern hooks (qty 144)
5   –    Hip curve 24”
10 –    C-thru ruler, 2 X 24
2   –    Notcher
5   –    Awl
12 –    Thread T-40, 6 cones of black & white
5   –    Tweezers: long tip for threading machines
10 –    NPT10 Tracing wheel
1   –     60” Fusible interfacing 1 yard, white or black
5   –     Needles- Hand Sewing set
1   –     Box of variety Sewing Machine Needles-Singer
2   –     Pattern cards
1    –     Muslin, 15 yards (Medium weight)
1    –     Hook & Eyes or some other closures
5    –     Westcott L-808, L-Square angle ruler IDS
1     –     LANCE LS-024 L-Square 24″ X 14″
5    –     Self-healing cutting mats


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