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Grantees Announced: 2019 BWB-DC Civic Ignition Grant

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Congratulations to our 2019 BWB-DC Civic Ignition Grant Winners! We received 4 submissions that were considered during the workshop. A big congratulations to this years grant recipients:

Recipes for Resilience
Recipes for Resilience will be a cookbook that takes you on an amazing food journey with 20 undocumented migrant women living in DC. It will include recipes that celebrate rich food traditions, and tips on building resilience and community in a new place. It will also include and know-your-rights tips and how to be a local immigrant ally.

The tenor of the discourse in America today surrounding immigrants needs more voices that remind us of the universality of our stories, those of us who were born here and those who piled into a boat, car, plane, or, in extreme cases, walked to get here. Food is powerful because it evokes feelings, memories, and traditions. Gathering over food and sharing the comforting familiarity of your family’s favorite dish make the differences between us shrink. In addition to recipes, and advice from the women, this project will incorporate immigrant rights information from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, and how to be an ally tips from Indivisible.

The book will be translated into Spanish, available in print copies and for free download.

Many types of outdoor / mobile situations (protests, flash raves, community events, build / work jams, seminars, trash mobs, etc.) have a common set of organizer and participant needs and ‘nice to haves’: sound, power, light, group crowd visibility, first aid, emergency water, etc. SquadGear is a low cost, durable, flexible, lightweight, scalable, redundant, networked platform to cover these core needs and a solution to customize convenient ways to bring anything else that might make all the difference.SquadGear consists of two main elements: The SituationStick and the WhereBase.
This micro-grant grant is providing the seed funding to R&D and prototype these two pieces of equipment, so that we can create a durable, toolkit-able resource for organizers everywhere.

Thank you to all of our applicants and participants for an engaged civic impact experience.

BWB-DC Civic Ignition Workshop participants

What is the DC Civic Ignition Grant?
A program aimed at funding innovative community & civic projects within the greater Washington DC region. This Washington DC edition of the Civic Ignition Grant is aimed at funding projects in Washington, Maryland & Virginia (specifically but not limited to the DC, Baltimore & Northern Virginia regions). We are interested in programs that create collaborations, produce direct actions, utilize several of the 10 Burning Man Principles, are reproducible, and creatively tackle local social problems. This grant gives anyone the opportunity to submit a collaborative, creative, and principle-focused project with a chance to receive up to a $1,500 grant (USD).

–  Grant Opportunity is announced on Nov 5th
–  Deadline for grant submissions is December 4th (Midnight)
–  Workshop Participants will review the grant proposals at the 2019 workshop in DC (December 7)
–  Grant recipients will be announced the following weekend

Apply here:  https://forms.gle/c5U7b54Mr2U9RjZT9

What’s special about the DC Civic Ignition Grant?
Submissions to the 2019 DC Civic Ignition grant cycle will be workshopped and judged by a group of participants and community leaders that attend this year’s DC Civic Ignition Grant Workshop. This group will be using the submissions as material to review and workshop while learning how to administer their own civic grant programs.

Who is eligible to apply?
Individuals, Groups, and Not-for-Profits are all eligible to apply.  We encourage projects be endorsed by a local Burning Man Regional Contact.  The RC does not need to be a project lead, or heavily involved with the process, rather they are simply endorsing the project and the leaders who are submitting.  We recognize not all regions have local RC’s and we encourage you to apply even if no RC is able to endorse.

How much can you ask for?
The maximum grant that maybe awarded is $1,500 (USD).  We encourage your project’s viability to not be solely dependent on this grant.  Think about other sources of funding that might be available.  Grants awarded could be less than the full amount.

What types of proposals will likely not get funded by this program?
Programs that are solely based on artistic endeavors and do not have a community or civic aspect will most likely not be considered for funding.  Funds should not be used for direct fundraising, chapter promotion efforts, or for paying people for their work.

What follow-up will be expected by grant recipients?
All recipients will be expected to submit written reports on what they have accomplished and learned in the course of their projects, along with accompanying visual media.  This media will be hosted on the Burners Without Borders website.

Suggestions for a quality grant proposal:
– Look at the BWB Grant Impact & Criteria Document to see how we think about grants.
– Reach out to your local Burning Man Regional Contact and ask if they might be an advisor.
– Watch our video “How to write Quality Grants: Burning Man 101
(Starts rough but gets going at (9:00 in)
– Listen to our podcast  “Targeted Grant Writing: with Meta-Regional Jacqui Latendresse

Who won the Civic Ignition Grant in the past?

See all our past Civic Ignition rounds and read updates from grant recipients here.

Privacy Statement:
Your privacy and trust are important to us. Burners Without Borders strives to follow the best practices for data and protection and privacy. We do not share the information you share with us beyond our internal systems, which may include your local regional contact in order to further connect you into the Burning Man Network.

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