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8th Annual BWB Winter Ball (BWB Chicago)

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We cordially invite you to join us for the 8th annual BWB Winter Ball
A formal evening and dashing affair to whisk you through the bitterest, coldest, snowiest weekend of the year with the warmth, fire, light, art, and fun we can only create all together!
The Winter Ball is a volunteer-driven fundraiser for the Chicago Community Grant Program (CCGP), a Burners Without Borders project in Chicago to provide micro-grants to start-up non-profits and citizen-led initiatives in the city making big changes in our communities. We gather to create community, celebrate and make art, and dance the night away in solidarity with building the dream life we want to see.
We will be collecting supplies for several of the Borderless community development projects by Chicago Burners:

**Donate Your Used Shoes to Share Your Soles Foundation**
We’ll be running a collection of your gently worn or new shoes for our friends at Share Your Soles. These shoes may go to people who may have never even owned a pair. It’s important that any used shoes are in good condition to respect the dignity of those receiving our shoes. So please: be respectful with your donations, and understand that our goal is to provide good, clean shoes to those in need. For example, tennis shoes should include laces and not have holes.

**Donate These Winter Supplies to the Backpack Project**

We will be collecting donations for the Burners Without Borders Detroit Backpack Project consisting of backpacks, socks, winter gloves, & hats. Please- no sweaters or jackets.

**Donate These Winter Supplies to Chicago Community Jail Support**
We’re collecting items for our neighbors at 27th and California who have just been released, are waiting on someone to be released, or just need weather-appropriate clothing. We are accepting both new and gently used donations! Please note that it is imperative that any second-hand items be clean and in good condition – free from holes, stains, funky smells, and other general wear & tear.
We are asking for the following: winter hats, gloves, scarves, socks, long sleeve shirts, coats (size M-3XL), sweatshirts, sweat pants, hand warmers, sports drinks, individual chip packs, fruit snacks, slim jims, lighters, and soft granola bars.

**Donate These Supplies to The BWB Chicago Winter Free Store Project**

Last winter David, Steven, Kat, Joseph, & Jennifer worked with local aldermen to connect people in immediate need with specific items throughout the winter. Last year over 100 people were helped by your donations.
Help us double that number this year by bringing your new or gently used winter coats/jackets and boots to C-Haus (all genders/sizes accepted) to see them donated directly back into our local communities!
Dance the night away!
Wear your fanciest white outfit and dress as your favourite Self!
Learn about community groups doing good!
Geek out in the Tea Lounge and other Chill Rooms!
Contribute to the Community Altar!
Participate as a Volunteer!
..And Much, Much More!!
VOLUNTEERS & ARTISTS: if you would like to get involved artistically or as a volunteer please fill out this form letting us know how you’d enjoy participating: Google Form
Previous CCGP beneficiaries thanks to our fiscal partners at B.U.R.N (Bold Urban Renaissance Network)!
Check ’em out!!!2012:
One Heart One Soul. https://www.1heart1soul.org
Girl Forward. https://www.girlforward.org
Free Write Jail Arts: Circles & Cyphershttp://www.circlesandciphers.org/#programming
Peace Within YOUth.
Jakmel Ekspresyon.  http://je.atisjakmel.org/
Kedzie-Carroll Garden.2014:
Slow Roll Chicago.  https://slowrollchicago.tumblr.com/
Why Not Here?
I Grow Chicago.  https://www.igrowchicago.org2016:
Haitian American Museum.  https://www.hamoc.org/
Cook It Forward.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1237098802970957/
BarberQue.  http://barberque.org/
Jamieson Learning Garden:
Chicago Plant Rescue (Greenhouse Project).  http://www.chicagoplantrescue.com/
In Her Shoes Foundation.  http://inhershoesfoundation.org/programs/girl-rising/
South Merrill Community Garden:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/301500169983305/?fref=ts!2017:
Alas Abiertas.
Stomping Grounds Open Stage.  https://www.facebook.com/Stompingroundschi/
On Civil Disobedience.  http://sector2337.com/green-lantern-press/green-lantern-press-catalog/#on-civil-disobedience
Art The Street.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/South-Merrill-Community-Garden/250109225337581
Getting Grown Collective.  https://www.facebook.com/Getting-Grown-Collective-172754526778412/2018:
Dance Peace.  https://www.facebook.com/dancepeacechicago/
YolloCalli Arts Reach.  https://yollocalli.org/2019:
Chicago Tool Library.  chicagotoollibrary.org
Indigenous People’s Day Concert.
G2 Mariachi.
Star Farms (Women and Children Gardening Program).  https://www.starfarmchicago.net/
Directions will be emailed out to ticket holders.
No sales at the door.
To help prepare, know that The Winter Ball is hosted at a well-loved Humboldt Park social venue.
If you need mobility assistance, we have parking passes and easier entry available for you, please let us know.
Regular parking passes are also available at the ticketing link: (eventbrite ticketing link here)

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