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BWB Grant Winners 2015

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Since, 2007, BWB has awarded annual grants of $100-$1,000 for civic projects that grow community while making a lasting impact. The goal is to inspire people everywhere to apply their passions to the issues they care most about to their communities. Do you have an idea for a project in your community? You are invited to apply in April, 2016.

Making Herstory-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Making Herstory is a  safe space for high school women of color (WOC) and allies to learn about and discuss WOC feminism, ethnic studies, and how their rich herstories and personal narratives can be used as a form of social, political and self empowerment. Making Herstory prides itself on being a community-based, women of color organized, youth-led organization. BWB’s grant will help support with the supplies needed for the  program.


HerStory Participants


Majengo Children’s Home-Arusha, Tanzania

Majengo Children’s Home (MCH) is the permanent home for 85 HIV/AIDS orphans and operates a pre-school for 37 children from the community. They will use the BWB grant money to paint murals on the buildings that are currently quite plain, to bring life, color and happiness to the space.  They will use a paint-by-number technique to enable the children who live there to beautify their home.


Majengo Orphanage

Drawchange-Atlanta, Georgia

This project will bring art and its positive impact to children who are homeless in the Atlanta area – Specifically children who still live on the streets. Drawchange is a 501c3 organization aimed at empowering impoverished children through the use of art. They create and execute art therapy-based programs to help the children envision a break to their cycle of poverty. Drawchange has produced a children’s art mini-magazine titled “Art & Pinta say, ‘Let’s create!’ It is an empowering and inspirational literary arts magazine for children. With BWB’s grant, Drawchange will be able to distribute over 250 magazines with appropriate supplies to 250 homeless children in Metro Atlanta.


Drawchange Arts making a difference.

Public Display of Arts-Fredericksburg, VA

Public Display of Arts FXBG is public arts project that aims to bring visual arts, sculpture and a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness that empower all residents of the Princess Anne corridor.
They do so by creating gorgeous murals containing the local animals that are found in the canal path including, blue herons, bald eagles, snapping turtles and some information about them. In conjunction with this project they are supporting local organizations in planting and edible, urban forest in yards and public spaces. BWB’s grant will provide the supplies for this dynamic mural program.

Green World Campaign’s Pit Toilet-Takaungu Kenya

Takaungu is a small rural village located on the Kenyan Coast.  Currently, there are no toilet facilities for the 50-80 fisherman/day who work on the beach. Due to these lack of services, the fisherman and women working with them are forced to defecate on the beach where children swim and marine animals live. BWB’s grant will provide an environmentally safe pit toilet to be built that will eliminate the problems this has created for wildlife and people who live there.


Takaungu, Kenya

 Make Your Own Art Friday- Petersburg, VA

Volunteers of Make Your Own Art Friday have partnered with two Petersburg high schools to participate in Free Art Friday, and will begin the distribution of free art around the city on the second Friday of each month, as part of Petersburg’s Friday for the Arts program. BWB ‘s grant will provide at least 100 free art kits to low-income residents so that they may participate in the city-wide program.

Reno DE-MOOP Crew-Reno, NV

The Morris Burner Hotel, is enlisting the local homeless population and partner groups, to embark on a city wide clean-up project on an on-going basis. De-Moop crews educate the populace on the term ‘matter out of place’ and the importance of taking pride in one’s clean environment. Morris is already engaged with feeding hundreds of people who are living on the streets and this program will


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