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Report Back: BWB Spring Summit (Virtual) 2020

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Here are the recordings of our keynote speakers and panels. Please email us if you’d like more information or to find recordings of the breakout groups.

Introduction: (Tom Price) BWB Then and Now…

What is ‘interning’? (Panel Discussion)

Practical Application: Will Heeggard (Footprint Solar)

Practical Application: Dorthy Jones-Davis (Nation of Makers)

Practical Application: Ronald Rael

Practical Application: John D Liu (Ecosystem Restoration Camps)

Thoughts on InterBeing with Charles Eisenstein


We are excited to invite you to:
The BWB Spring Summit
May 23rd, 2020 
Fly Ranch, Nevada  (Now Virtual)
Want to attend?  Fill out the registration form here.

There is a powerful and organic culture that has been emerging from the Nevada desert over the past 30 years. Facing the global pandemic, this community is looking at how it interacts and connects with the world in new ways. At a moment where interconnectedness is more important than ever before, we’re calling together a group of diverse community leaders to explore Interbeing.

We find ourselves in a world that is facing a path of either separation or connectedness, and it is our actions that will reveal which is chosen.  Our survival as a species is inextricably linked to all beings on the planet.  As citizens of a globalizing world, our differences seem small next to our great need to realign ourselves as neighbors on spaceship earth. This summit is an opportunity to share tactics for reciprocity and stories of resilience. Our community learns through experimentation, iteration and play; join us in this virtual prototype.  

The BWB Spring Summit is an opportunity to generate more Interbeing by strengthening relationships with communities, organizations and ourselves.  As part of the “2020 Multiverse”, our conversations will explore how the Burning Man Project’s 10 principles fit within the larger context and serve as guideposts along our journey.  Our destination isn’t yet visible from here, but will emerge through the dust as we dream and build together.

Part think tank, part community gathering, part family hangout.  A combination of plenary content and community-created breakout sessions, mixed with wellness programming, music and social time.

Breakout sessions include:  
– Fly Ranch & The LAGI Design Challenge 
– Art in the Time of COVID 
– Beyond the Trash Fence: Building Projects in the World  
– Placemaking: Social Infrastructure and Public Space
– Permaculture & Village Building
– Surfing Chaos: Techniques for Staying Grounded
– Regenerative BRC 2030 
– and more!

May 23, 2020 from 10:00 AM PST to 3:00(ish) PM PST / Inside the computer / over the Zoom app.

BWB began in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina sparked a collective call to action. No one was “in” BWB, we were all simply Burners bringing the healing joy of participation and collaboration out into the world. There is no prerequisite to join the BWB community, in fact, you may already be a member.

This will be a community-created experience, as well as an experiment launching into virtual space.
The entire event is FREE. However, we will be doing some NPR-style fundraising in support of BWB’s Community Grants Program. If you’re interested in making a matching pledge, please email Breedlove@burningman.org

Please let us know as soon as possible. Please share this invitation with others who may be right for this event.  Questions? Email us at  bwbsummit@burningman.org. 

Looking forward to co-creating this experience with you!
The BWB Team

FB event for this Spring Summit:  https://www.facebook.com/events/880332109072824/

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