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BWB Worldwide Call: Burners with Bees

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Thank you for joining us on April 12th at 5 pm PST to learn about bee-centric projects from around the Burnersphere!
Register Here: https://here.burningman.org/event/bwb-burners-with-bees

If you love bees, you’re in great company. Bees are found on every continent except Antarctica. They pollinate plants and contribute to their ecosystems, and humans have practiced beekeeping, or apiculture for millennia.

From Fly Ranch to Colombia, we will be highlighting a panel of Burners involved with bee projects. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with other bee lovers, learn about new projects (and how to volunteer), exchange ideas related to these prolific pollinators and native relatives, and share about any bee projects that you are involved with.

Featured projects will include…

Bee Safe is a conservation, repopulation, and community education project in Zipacon, Colombia, that aims at creating a propitious habitat for bee colonies spread among 40 artisanal hives in which 80,000 native specimens can thrive. This program will expand an ongoing program of hands-on youth education and bee-keeping into an additional four schools in the region led by BWB Bogota.



The 2023 Man Base designer Tim Bremner will share his inspiration behind this year’s winning design, “like a proper bee colony, Burners all have our roles and exist in a beautifully designed place. This year the theme lines up nicely with what we’ve always been… one big-ass dusty beehive of applied creativity.”



Fly Ranch Bee Install Looking for a way to get some hands-on bee experience? Meet and connect with the team responsible for bringing bees to Fly Ranch! With a long-term goal to foster pollinators’ habitat and population at Fly Ranch, the Bee Team has worked for a year to observe and plan. Last month the Bee Team met to build the first honey bee homes for this spring’s installation. Soon they expect to build more and are looking for volunteers!


If you are interested in connecting with bee projects around the globe please use our sign-in sheet, the second tab of this worksheet is where you can tell us about your bee projects!

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