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BWB Worldwide Call: Nourishing Resilience Preparing for Disaster

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Watch the replay! Our July Worldwide Call, “Nourishing Resilience: Preparing for Disaster” featured Morgan Winburn from Establishing Roots and Dave and Amanda from Grassroots Aid Partnership – GAP

In this call, Morgan shares practical information about how Phoenix is addressing its food deserts and her innovative solutions that proactively address a food crisis before it occurs. Dave and Amanda share personal stories on supporting and aiding areas following acute disasters. They specialize in offering food and delivering compassion, positivity, and healing through their food service.

We encourage you to check out and stay in touch with our panelists at Establishing Roots and Grassroots Aid Partnership.
Links from the call include:

Join us for our next BWB Worldwide Call- Nourishing Resilience: Preparing for Disaster on July 19th a 5p PDT / 8 EDT / 2a CEDT
Join this call for practical information, stories, and tips to prepare ourselves and support others in response to a variety of different disasters, with a specific focus on food sovereignty.
Establishing Roots (Arizona) promotes urban agricultural development- place-based initiatives that are agile, community-driven, and represent what’s possible when you build strong community frameworks proactively, before a disaster or crisis.
Grassroots Aid Partnership – GAP responds to disasters with field kitchens that can serve thousands of meals per day, pop-up food & aid pantries, logistical assistance, and disaster expertise. GAP aims to be nimble enough to reinvent itself to be whatever the community needs in each crisis.

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