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Leave A Positive Trace 2020

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You may recall the activation that BWB co-produced in 2019 with both the Burning Man Project’s Community Events team, and the Permaculture Action Network  last year in West Oakland. It was a day of hands-on projects, creativity, music, and community engagement. It was an amazing project– and we’re asking whats next?

In 2020 in partnership with the Burning Man Regional Network, BWB is calling for Burners to create their own ‘Leave a Positive Trace’ Initiatives once again!

But where to start?  

1.  Get Inspired!
Thankfully you don’t need to go far to find amazing examples of projects Burners have produced all around the world.  One place you can start is by looking through the archives of the ‘BWB Global Wave of Service’ projects from 2016 or 2015.  You can also check our some of our past grant winners, or check out these COVID projects being produced by Burners across the world.  Or, check out Kindling and see whats cooking there!

When you look around your own community what sort of principle-based project can you imagine?  

2.  Get you friends together, gather fellow Burners, and start making a plan!
If you’re not already connected get involved with your local Burning Man Regional Community, or find your local BWB Chapter (this is not a requirement, but a great place to start).
Then start making your plan– there’s so many ways to start planning, and if you feel stuck check out this ‘Kick-Starting your own Civic Project‘ document for some ideas of where to go next.

Just remember- a big tenant of a BWB-style project is to do things WITH not FOR.  Want to learn more about that approach?  Check out these resources and video about Mutual Aid.

3.  Tell us what you’re up to- get it on the map- and do you project!
Add your project to the live map of what’s happening in the world by emailing us at:  actionday@burningman.org
If you post pictures or videos use the hashtags: #thankslarry, #burningsolstice, and #civicresponsibility

Let us know other ways we can support or highlight your project.  We’ve already learned about this amazing solstice meal and this urban restoration moop walk.  What else might this crazy community be dreaming up?



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