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Report Out: Permaculture Action Day in Oakland (June 22)

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“Watching hundreds of people direct the energy of Burning Man into building soil, growing food, constructing art projects, and affirming a West Oakland community’s self-empowerment was beautiful. And to do it all while immersed in music, art, performances, workshops, and theme camps was especially gratifying — to know that we can put this creativity toward building a more beautiful world where people live in mutually beneficial relationship with one another and the earth.”
– Ryan Rising and Alexa Levy of Permaculture Action Network  

In June 2019, Burners Without Borders (BWB) partnered with the Permaculture Action Network and Burning Man Project’s Community Events team to produce “Leave A Positive Trace,” a permaculture action day at Hoover Elementary School in West Oakland. More than 300 people gathered to celebrate the solstice, build 10 projects pre-identified by local youth, and to connect around food, art, and public service. 

Projects included creating a pond and wishing well for the school’s young students, building park benches for crossing guards, digging rainwater catchment earthworks, and installing solar panels on an outdoor classroom. Neighborhood children danced on art cars while Burning Man volunteers and local residents painted a mural and constructed an adobe wall.


Leave a Positive Trace
PERMACULTURE ACTION DAY with Burning Man Project

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Hoover Elementary School Garden
890 Brockhurst St, Oakland, CA


In conjunction with a global day of action to leave a positive trace – a call-out to the Burning Man community around the world to act on the principles of Participation and Communal Effort on this solstice anniversary of the first Burning Man in 1986.

Hoover Elementary School hosts one of the most immersive and ecologically designed school gardens in the Bay Area. For the last three years, kindergarten through 5th grade students have had the joy of play and class time in this nature-based learning environment—caring for the chickens, saving seeds, identifying edible and medicinal plants, building soil, and crafting.

Join Burning Man Community Events, Burners Without Borders, Permaculture Action Network, and a Bay Area network of facilitators and artists for a day of music, workshops, food, performances, and HANDS-ON PROJECTS:

  • Rainwater Catchment Earthworks
  • Building a Cob / Adobe Wall
  • Creating a Wishing Well
  • Building Edging for Garden Beds
  • Weeding, Planting, and Mulching
  • Building Natural Benches for Students & Crossing Guards
  • MOOP (Matter Out of Place) Clean Up
  • Painting Educational Signage
  • Extending the Chicken Run off the Coop
  • Installing Solar Panels on the Outdoor Kitchen

Music and Performances

To Be Announced
Schedule Coming Soon


To Be Announced
Schedule Coming Soon

A Free, Nutrient-Rich Meal

Feel Free to Bring Potluck Items to Add to the Rolling Meal throughout the Day

This is a free and family-friendly event designed with you in mind.
A Day to inspire one another, build relationships & community, and take collective action.

There is no need to RSVP. However, if you have an inquiry or particular way you want to participate or support, email actionday@burningman.org


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