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RVs Without Borders-Disaster Relief, One RV at a Time

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RVs Without Borders is a community crowd-sourced project that matches loaned and donated motor homes and travel trailers with displaced residents of a community following a major disaster. The objective is to reduce loss of community members in order to optimize economic recovery for the ENTIRE affected community.

A housing shortage existed in the wine country of California prior to the massive fire storm of 2017. Now the shortage is critical and risks depopulating communities. Using RVs to solve this incredibly severe housing shortage will be a great asset to the community, as there is no alternative to RVs that can get there fast enough. If you have an RV, please help!

To help those who lost their homes in the fire storm of 2017 in Northern California, we are collaborating with Mighway.com, a peer-to-peer RV rental company similar to AirBnB, but designed for peer-to-peer RV rentals. Teaming with Mighway enables us to sidestep the vexing legal and insurance complexities of “lending” an RV.

According to RVIA there are 9 million RVs in US. If just 1% of these “recreational vehicles” supported disaster relief in some way, that’s more mobile shelters than FEMA ever deployed. Consider how AirBnB transformed vacation rentals using our houses and Uber transformed mobility using our cars. We want to transform post-disaster emergency sheltering like that using our RVs.

If you’ve just lost your home and can’t find emergency housing we can help provide the right solution for your unique situation. If you were insured, Mighway can line up a rental RV at market price which is covered by your insurance. If you were not insured, together we can assist you in renting an RV for much less than market rate – in some cases as low as $1/day plus insurance.

RVs Without Borders is also facilitating permanent donations of RVs, with tax receipts. We will ensure that permanently donated RVs go to those most in need, typically uninsured homeowners. And we really love it most when someone donating an RV gets their friends to fill it with things a family needs to live in it!

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