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Save Ocean Beach Bonfires

Location: Ocean Beach, San Francisco - Map It STATUS: Active

Please sign this Change.org petition to make your voice heard against the $35 permit fee and beach closures November-February.
In 2007 Burners Without Borders discovered that the  National Park Service (NPS) was considering banning fires at Ocean Beach in San Francisco due to the difficulties they had in managing the trash left behind from bonfires.  We raised $35K to place artistic firepits on the beach that would centralize the trash and create a beautiful sculpture garden.
The  NPS has not followed through on their responsibility to manage the beach and has continued to limit the public’s access to bonfires. In addition the City of San Francisco has offered $185K to help alleviate the clean up costs, but the NPS is proposing to charge a $35 permit fee to have a bonfire and  ban fires from November-February. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors have unanimously voted down the new NPS proposal.

Please join us in speaking out against these outrageous permit fees and closures. Your voice will make a huge difference for the future of Ocean Beach.


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