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Support the Pyramid Lake Spiritual Healing Center

Location: Nixon, Nevada - Map It STATUS: Active

The Pyramid Lake Spiritual Healing Center, led by Dean Barlese, a Northern Paiute spiritual elder, is a vital hub for spiritual guidance and cultural preservation within the community.

However, the sustainability of this work is being threatened by Dean’s health challenges and the lack of a suitable space for carrying out spiritual practices. Top priorities include ensuring Dean’s well-being, constructing a permanent ceremony house, and raising awareness about the importance of this project through a video series, and eventually building a community garden on-site. Together, we can contribute to the resilience of the Northern Paiute cultural heritage and spiritual well-being.

How can you help? 
You can make a meaningful impact by donating funds for the creation of a compelling educational video series that highlights the cultural and spiritual significance of the Pyramid Lake Spiritual Healing Center, focusing on Dean Barlese’s role as a Northern Paiute spiritual elder and the community’s efforts to preserve their heritage. 

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Campaign Goals & How the Funds Will Be Utilized:
Our primary fundraising objective is to raise $10,000. We’re fortunate to have a matching donor who’s ready to make a significant impact. They’ve pledged to match every donation, dollar for dollar. This means that when you donate, your contribution will be instantly doubled, helping us reach our fundraising goal faster and with greater impact. We have outlined how these funds will be utilized and the impact donors like you can have. The funds raised through this campaign will be dedicated to producing a transformative video communications program, with a core focus on producing an introductory video of utmost importance.

**Create a Compelling Introductory Video:** A significant portion of funds will be allocated toward the production of an engaging introductory video. This video will serve as the cornerstone of our communication efforts, allowing us to showcase the [Pyramid Lake Spiritual Healing Center’s](https://pyramidlake.webflow.io/) cultural and spiritual significance. Donors will directly enable the creation of a powerful and informative video that will resonate with viewers, fostering a deeper understanding of our mission.

**Highlight Dean Barlese’s Contribution:** Donors’ contributions will be instrumental in sharing Dean Barlese’s significant role as a Northern Paiute spiritual elder. Through your support, we aim to honor and acknowledge his contributions to the Northern Paiute heritage. This recognition serves as a heartfelt tribute to Dean’s ongoing dedication and offers donors an opportunity to contribute to the preservation of this cultural heritage.

**Help People Connect, Learn, and Support:** The introductory video will provide a means for people to connect with the Pyramid Lake Spiritual Healing Center. Donors will empower others to learn about the local people, their traditions, and the Center’s mission. This knowledge will inspire viewers to actively support our cause, fostering a deeper connection to the cultural heritage we aim to preserve.

**Work Towards Inclusive Community Participation:** Through your contributions, donors will help us meet and engage with members of the local community in a meaningful way. This collaborative effort will not only improve the quality of our video series but also promote unity and inclusivity among community members. Donors’ support will have a significant impact on our collective efforts.

We hope you join us in our journey to honor and share this unique heritage, fostering unity and understanding. Together, we can make a lasting difference.

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