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BWB Typhoon Haiyan Relief Effort

Location: Tacloban, Philippines - Map It STATUS: Active

Typhoon Haiyan has devastated vast regions of the Philippines. BWB volunteers were on the first relief planes into Tacloban and are bringing specialized skills in creating order from chaos to build capacity into the larger relief system.  Your donation to BWB will enable us to make a huge impact in the lives of the storm survivors.

How BWB is Supporting the Relief Effort

BWB volunteers were on the first relief plane into Tacloban, following the devastating Typhoon. They set up command stations and a hospital to receive doctors and nurses.  

Since those initial days, BWB has partnered with Sam Bloch of Haiti Communitere to create a central resource hub in Tacloban. For now, tools, electricity, and the internet will be made available to locals and international NGO’s. This central hub will serve as a place to unify the relief efforts by enabling effective communication between locals and relief workers. This is a huge gap that we are filling and as this program grows, it will enable survivors to take the lead of their own rebuilding efforts. 

 Tool Drive: We are collecting new and used tools for the  resource center. If you have any of the tools listed below and would like to donate, please send us an e-mail and we will send you a US address to send them to.                          Email: projects@burnerswithoutborders.org

Rivet Guns
Impact Drivers
Bits for Drivers-Lots of them
New Chainsaws-no gas is allowed to travel on airline
Electric Hand Tools


Burners Without Borders is not currently setting up an infrastructure to welcome volunteers due to the  many local organizations who are doing great work and have long-time connections with the local people. In the future as the rebuilding phase begins, we may have volunteer opportunities, but for now we are focusing on creating a resource center.

Please do not purchase a plane ticket until you have received word from a host organization. We particularly like Volunteer for the Visayans because they place volunteers in home stays with locals affected  by the Typhoon for a nominal fee. This is a wonderful model for the recovery effort since paid work will be hard to come by for many months. 

If you would like to volunteer, please check out  their website and fill out an application at Volunteer for the Visayans. 

Notes on Flying to the Philippines

*One-way air tickets to the Philippines are not allowed. You must either have a return ticket or a ticket to another location leaving from the Philippines.  For instance, you can buy a one-way ticket to Tacloban, and then buy a one-way ticket to a nearby country like Singapore- which is around $50.  You aren’t obligated to use that ticket. Just be sure and bring proof with you on your outbound flight to Manila, so they allow you on the plane.

*Only lithium batteries are allowed at the airports in the Philippines. No aa or aaa alkaline batteries are allowed, even when flying domestic within the Philippines.

*If you can pay for your checked luggage on-line, take advantage of the much lower prices than the costs checking in at the airport in Manila.


Be sure and read the CDC’s vaccination recommendations for the Philippines. Tetanus is especially important as well as Typhoid. Water born illnesses will start to become a big problem. Bring a mosquito net and Deet bug repellant to avoid Dengue Fever that is spread by mosquitoes.

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