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US/Mexico Border

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Burners Without Borders is a grassroots, volunteer driven leadership program that supports innovative, collaborative programming around the world.

We are aware that the Burning Man community is engaged in travelling to the US/Mexico Border to offer aid to migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers who are sheltering on the border. The first step for Burners Without Borders is always to engage with subject matter experts and those already working in a region, to understand how we may fit within the support systems that are already engaged.

The mayor of Tijuana has declared that the situation for asylum seekers and the host community is a “humanitarian crisis“.  For those who choose to apply for asylum in the United States, to not self-deport, or seek permanent refuge in Mexico- they will be sheltering on the border for 8-12 months while waiting for their asylum cases to be processed. More than five thousand asylum seekers are currently sheltering at the border, with the expectation of the migrant flow increasing in 2019.

We have drafted a living document of guidelines based on our engagement with organizers within the NGO coalition in Tijuana. This document does not include specific links to any of the many organizations working in Tijuana and other points of entry along the border. The focus of this document is for those interested in artistic/cultural/psychosocial interventions to support children and families who have experienced trauma.

Again, click here for a best practices document for Arts/Children’s Programming in Tijuana.


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