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Walk the Talk 2015

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We are excited to announce the Walk the Talk grantees for 2015. Congratulations to all of these grantees and thank you for the good work you’re doing in the world!

Christmas Isn't Over crew (Photo by Vert Umnus)
Christmas Isn’t Over crew (Photo by Vert Umnus)

Veggie Gifting Cart for the Angier Ave. Neighborhood Farm – Triangle, NC – $400
These folks are collaboratively fabricating a bike-powered veggie cart. This cart will allow them better outreach to the surrounding community in East Durham (a food desert) where the Angier Ave Neighborhood Farm is located. They will use the cart to gift their overstock of vegetables to community members in need, whom are physically disabled, sick, or for other reasons unable to be mobile.
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Art Lots Metal Support – St. Louis, MS – $400
Art Lots is a coalition of artists who work to combat blight and make St. Louis neighborhoods more livable. Providing art workshops and access to tools, they take the refuse and discarded items found in St. Louis and turn it into public art.
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Christmas Isn’t Over – Vancouver, BC, Canada –  $200
Christmas Isn’t Over is a group of compassionate independents made up of Burners and non-Burners who organize and gather to be of service in our community. They bring stews, soup, baked goods, salads and grill 300 grilled ham and cheese sandwiches all to be gifted to those in need at Oppenheimer Park in the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver, BC Canada, one Vancouver’s most at-risk and in-need areas.
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What is the Walk the Talk?
A program aimed at funding innovative community projects within the Burning Man Global Network.  We are interested in programs that create collaborations, produce direct actions, utilize the 10 Burning Man Principles, are reproducible, and creatively tackle local problems. This grant gives Burning Man Regional Leaders the opportunity to submit a collaborative, creative, and principle-focused project with a chance to win a $500 grant.

Time Line:
–  Deadline for grant submissions is March 15th. (Midnight PST)
–  Judges will review the grants at the 2015 Global Leadership Conference (April 9th-12th)
–  Winner(s) will be announced Sunday afternoon at the GLC.  (April 12th)

Apply here:  Walk the Talk III 2015 Submission Form

What’s  special about the Walk the Talk grant?
Submissions to the 2015 Walk the Talk grant cycle will be workshopped and judged by a select group of Regional Contacts and community leaders that attend this years Burning Man Global Leadership Conference (GLC). This group will be using the submissions as material to review and workshop while learning how to administer their own civic grant programs.

Who is eligible to apply?
Individuals, Groups, and Not-for-Profits are all eligible to apply.  All projects *must* be endorsed by a local Burning Man Regional Contact.  (Think of the CORE projects…).  The RC does not need to be a project lead, or heavily involved with the process, rather they will be the financial holder for the grant recipient and will be the point of communication between the granters and the grantees.

Dont know who your BMan Regional Contact is?  [http://regionals.burningman.org/]

How much can you ask for?
The maximum grant awarded will be $500.  We encourage your project’s viability to not be solely dependent on this grant.  Think about other sources of funding that might be available.

What types of proposals will likely not get funded by this program?
Programs that are solely based on artistic endeavors and do not have a community or civic aspect will most likely not be considered for funding.  Funds should not be used for direct fundraising, chapter promotion efforts, or for paying people for their work.

What follow-up will be expected by grant recipients?
All recipients will be expected to submit written reports (blogs) on what they have accomplished and learned in the course of their projects, along with accompanying visual media.  This media will be hosted on the Burners Without Borders website.

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