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PROJECTS BLOG 12/10/2013

Protecting the Wildebeest Migration-Book Launch

We are very excited to announce the publication of our new children’s book.  The Amazing Migration of Lucky the Wildebeest tells the story of migration from the perspective of a young wildebeest named Lucky. In a fun and visually striking way, the book explains why animals migrate and the challenges they face along the way. Sidebars to the story provide additional ecological information for older readers. The book is written in three languages: Maa (the language of the Maasai tribe), Swahili (the national language of Tanzania), and English (the second national language of Tanzania) and thus not only teaches ecological lessons but promotes literacy.

With the help of our Masai colleagues from the Masai Advancement Association (MAA), we are distributing the book to schools and villages around the Northern Plains wildlife migration route. We conduct book readings, play games, and have discussions with the children about migration and wildlife conservation. The project is part of our larger grassroots campaign to implement land-use planning that protects the endangered Northern Plains migration route for the conservation of wildlife and traditional Maasai pastoralist culture. Every book sold will buy another book for a Masai child living in the wildlife corridor area, so your purchases help kids in the bush to learn to read and about ecology.

We are indebted to our partners who helped to make this children’s book a reality. Robert Godson Mollel and Robert Lawrence translated the text into Swahili and Maa, and Bory Chung and Bridgette Mathews designed the book – all pro bono. USAID, Burners Without Borders, Rufford Foundation, and Dave & Pat Gibbons provided funding for printing and distribution. Special thanks to Andrea Athanas, Tricia Franck, Bernard Kissui, and the African Wildlife Foundation for invaluable support.

-Monica Bond


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