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BWB NEWS 04/30/2019

sex KiKi- Queer the Air: 2018 Community Micro Grant Update

One of our 2018 Community Micro Grant Recipients is sex Kiki’s Queer the Air, a docu-web series centered around interviews with queer POC and covering everything from gender identity and relationships to body image and self-care.

Project lead Coriama describes the project:

sex KiKi is dedicated to telling stories by and about queer people, expression in the current media of black identity both in its fluidity and spectrum. The show aims to showcase accurate experiences with a strong emphasis on centering femmes and decolonizing pleasure. Our intended audience are Millennials and folks with a progressive mindset, which we understand can be both ageless and radical. To date, there is very little transparency, depth and exploration being shown in the media about sexuality for marginalized voices, Queer the Air will be one of the first. We want to express and explore sexual practices in a healthy and liberating way. The series will be aired on OTV a platform that centers queer and intersectional artists. We intend to interview Chicago’s queer Black community and create this show with the larger LGBTQ community’s support. We used the funds from our BWB micro-grant for productions cost i.e. lighting, editing, venue, host, set design and post-production. The micro-grant supported 20% of the total cost of this project.

We addressed social issues like consent and intimacy; navigating boundaries and access to sexual health resources; pleasure as a form of resistance in our first few episodes. We were able to create this production with a whole Queer community, and people were able to develop their skills and learn new ones in production and media! 30-40 people participated in the completion of our pilot episodes.

Were any of Burning Man’s 10 Principles exemplified in your project in an interesting way?

Radical self-expression! Communal Effort! Radical Inclusion! We are pioneering representation regarding sex-positivity in the visual art, media, and web series framework. This was a lot of our guests and interviewees first time sharing their experience and they felt LIBERATED and joyfully participated!

The inaugural episodes are airing this Spring. To catch the episodes and learn more about sex KiKi, find them on facebook or at their website.

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Host Coriama
snap of the audience during the live taping
production crew and talent


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