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Report Back: BWB In Black Rock City 2023 (BWB-BRC)

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2023 marked the 15th year of the Burners Without Borders Camp (unless your counting the renegade and virtual burns…..)!

110 Camp Members
3 days of Speaker Series
2 spots on BMIR during ingress and egress
Hundreds of Screen Prints
2 mini-effigy burns
TONS of connection, fun, and shenanigans
We also hosted Fly Ranch, BLAST, RAT and the Green Corridor this year.

 Molly Rose hosting the Creative Placemaking Panel

We’re working on uploading all of our audio content now, but in the meantime you can listen to the “Art as a Tool for Impact” panel, a collaboration with our friends at the FarAway Projects and is part of ongoing conversation that explore the artist’s role as instigators and amplifiers of cultural movements who possess the power to impact the world.

While we have a lot more to write about our response to the Mud Rock City…..We maintained open lines of communication through regular meetings, canvassed our neighborhood to asses needs and available resources, and found joy in each other’s company while weathering the storm. Read one camper’s reflection related to BRC disaster preparedness here. (Thanks Chappy!)

Writing out the lists of resources that others had as gifts, or needs. Mutual Aid in Action!
You can also read this article describing some of our response in Curbed, or this article by the original BWB funder, Chris Weitz here.

Following the same playbook as 2022, BWB supported both the BLAST (sustainability rating system) and RAT (supporting artists in transitioning to renewable energy).
You can read the BLAST afterburn report here, and the RAT Afteraction report here.

Burners Without Borders also acted at the entrance to the new Green Corridor this year: “The vision of this iterative experimental neighborhood is to make the movement around sustainable infrastructure and practices more cohesive and tangible. By establishing this green neighborhood, participants are offered an opportunity to teach, learn, and inspire through an experience that enriches both the environment and ourselves.”

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