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BWB Hurricane Sandy Relief

Location: Union Beach, NJ - Map It STATUS: Active

BWB Gifts over $2 million in demolition work to New Jersey Residents.

Immediately after Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast,  BWB was approached by the Mayor of the town of Union Beach, NJ and asked  to help them out. They had hundreds of homes damaged in the storm which need to be removed, but doing so would bankrupt the town.

Since that time, the BWB Sandy Relief Crew  demolished over  200  houses, work worth more than $2 million, and they did it all completely free of charge.

The crew has cleared debris and houses from over 80 sites. Homeowners are unable to access federal emergency funds until their damaged homes are cleared, and BWB’s support will enable residents to get back on their feet before FEMA leaves the area. 

BWB’s work in Union Beach was recently mentioned by the President of the Princeton Area Community Foundation in a report that stated, “This is some of the best leverage of donated dollars that I’ve ever seen. It’s an example of philanthropy working quickly and in creative ways to help out where other forms of aid are unavailable or slow to arrive.”

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