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From Black Rock to Standing Rock

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Over the last few months many Burners have been reaching out around their intentions to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock.  BWB has spent a considerable amount of time researching many of the projects and initiatives that are happening and made sure that we were in conversation with Indigenous Leadership while finding where our focus would be.  We have a strong intention to not only support the local indigenous leadership, but also with the long-term sustainable vision of the movement.

Our research and efforts have directed us to focus on supporting the Protectors Alliance Standing Rock Composting Toilet Project.  Please read more on the project link for Protectors Alliance or find the crowd-funding page here.

We are keeping this page active as a portal to find out how to get involved with other Burner-involved citizen-led projects.

If you are considering donating- we believe these are the two best avenues to accept donations at this time:
– http://www.ocetisakowincamp.org/donate
– http://standingrock.org/news/standing-rock-sioux-tribe–dakota-access-pipeline-donation-fund/

If you are thinking of going to Standing Rock yourself- we recommend these useful (if not essential) readings:
1. Standing Rock Resource Packet
2. 12 loose rules to be an effective white ally
3. Standing Rock Syllabus
4.  Open-letter to the Global Festival Community Considering going to Standing Rock.

We’ve created a Facebook group to allow Burners heading to or organizing for Standing Rock to communicate with one another.  If you are interested in joining, find it here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1107579125990302/

A brief disclaimer: We at BWB are not experts in allyship for native causes, and are not spokespersons for any indigenous movement. We were led to write this piece by to often seeing well intentioned, but uninformed individuals enter into the field and cause more problems than assistance.  

Red Lightning Responds to Standing Rock:


Red Lightning is returning to Standing Rock for Phase II mission…

Come join us in supporting the protectors at Standing Rock preparing to camp throughout the coming harsh Winter.

Red Lighting is supporting the community at Standing Rock by delivering more tipis, food, stoves and setting up a Red Lightning village with the intention to:

– Raise awareness, secure media attention, and provide more support to the Stand Rock community
– Build winter warm shelter and sanctuary for day/night time gatherings
– Create space for speakers, performances, prayer and ceremony for the camps
– Power the camp with Solar Power energy
– Provide tents and tipis for guests such as journalists, speakers, performers that want to raise awareness of Standing Rock.
– Base Camp for members of Red Lightning or other Burning Man camps coming to visit/work at Standing Rock

For more Information and join in support to Red Lightning @ Standing with Standing Rock visit:


Other Ways you can Stand With Standing Rock in your community:
– Organize a prayer or ceremony raising awareness
– Organize a letter writing party to tribal, local or national officials
– March/Pilgrimage for Standing Rock and other local issues

Mirrors & Hammers Media Project:  Lauretta Prevost

Burner & Media Producer Lauretta is out at Standing Rock creating video pieces on whats happening currently at Standing Rock.  Check out her work here:


Burning Clean–  Morgan Hale writes:
14689020_653372615515_990499171_o 14689063_653372610525_2038108436_o
Supplies Needed:

– Pallets.
– Pallet racks.
– Car ports
– 55 gallon metal drums
– 30 gallon metal drums
– Ducting & firebrick

Building Materials for Horse corral:
80 16′ 2×6
60 16′ 2×4
12 20′ 6×6
32 16′ sheets of tin (The above for making a wind wall)
200 gallon water steel water trough with heater
Fire extinguishers
Hay bale feeders

Veterinarian and/or supplies for:
– 30-35 horses (Supplements, grain and grain container, equestrian 1st aid supplies, horse blankets)
– 20-25 dogs all ages
– 7in1 vaccinations
– De wormer
– Grain-free dog food
– Climate vests and dog boots (sm,med,lg)

Any number of plywood and 2×4’s
Dually & Horse Trailer (triple axle)

Current immediate projects that need build teams:
– 3-4 Barns (currently reaching out to any Amish people)
– 2-3 Shower/Bath house (winterized)
– “3 Root cellar Several Round houses
– Green Houses (October 28)

60-90 cords wood per month for the sacred fires

Get in contact with Morgan here.

Burning Clean:  Naomi Writes:


We are Burning Clean for the Re-LOVE-ution, an organization that is working to provide building materials, supplies, volunteer workers, and LOVE to the Water Protectors of Standing Rock, North Dakota. We are reaching out to various organizations to raise donations for this purpose – either monetary or physical materials. We call ourselves Burning “Clean” because we strive to focus on clean water, clean energy, and clean thinking by remaining sober. We provide complete transparency with all of our funding and intentions. Burning Clean for the Re-LOVE-ution is sanctioned under Plenty, International, a 501c that has worked with AIM (the American Indian Movement) since the 1970s.

Standing Rock, North Dakota – home to the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations of the Sioux Native American Tribe – is currently in a state of distress due to the construction of a crude oil pipeline called the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Dakota Access Pipeline, which expands from North Dakota to Illinois, is being built through Lakota Nation territory. In 1868,The Fort Laramie Treaty was signed, which describes the area of land that is considered part of the Great Sioux Reservation. The treaty states that absolutely no land should be used or taken by the American government, unless approved by the Tribal Council. Our government has broken this treaty multiple times throughout history. Today, Dakota Access, LLC and The US Army Corps of Engineers, have broken it again by approving and beginning the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

There are various problems that the Dakota Access Pipeline imposes – some of which could very well affect the majority of America. Approximately 1.3 million gallons of oil is spilt in our country alone each year, according to the US Department of Energy. Oil spills kill off wildlife, vegetation, and have negative effects on human health including birth defects, cancer, and neurological disorders. This pipeline in particular runs through the Missouri River, which goes through 7 states only. It is connected to 7 tributaries which combined cover almost the entirety of the US. In addition to the environmental risk, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe relies heavily on the Missouri River for their way of living. The Missouri River has been described as their “economic lifeblood” by attorney Jan Hasselman as it is used for drinking water, irrigation, fishing, recreation, and cultural and religious practices. An oil spill would be a catastrophic tragedy for an already poor, abused, and oppressed community.

The construction of this pipeline has already had a major negative effect on the history and culture of the land – violating various legal documents, including the Fort Laramie Treaty, the Clean Water Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Indian Reorganization Act, and the National Historic Preservation Act. The major injustice falling under the violation of these laws was the utter desecration of the Lakota and Dakota burial grounds and sacred sites. Over 1200 archeologists, museum directors, and historians wrote a letter to the Obama Administration verifying that Dakota Access, LLC had indeed destroyed these sites, stating that the UN’s Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People had been violated. The Obama Administration responded by ordering a temporary halt on the construction of this pipeline, while simultaneously approving two other pipelines to be built in Texas and forming the U.S.-Mexico Energy Business Council. This is another problem – the voices of the people going unheard. It appears that our government’s corporate greed is more valuable than our livelihood and the state of the environment.

Finally, the peaceful protectors have been met with violence and corruption. On September 3rd, Dakota Access, LLC hired a private security company to attack those who stood on the front lines of a construction site. Videos have circulated the web showing the attacks. The protectors were maced, body slammed, and had attack dogs released on them by a hired “security” company. Since then, there have been countless attacks on the Water Protectors by the police forces that have been hired by DAPL and the North Dakota National Guard. This is another violation of federal law by Dakota Access, LLC and the Army Corps of Engineers, as they have harmed native people physically. The police force that has been brought in to counteract our protest efforts has made countless unwarranted arrests, including the arrests of various reporters like Amy Goodman.

Regardless of the opposition, all of us who have been called here refuse to stand down. We are all determined to stay for the long haul – throughout all of winter. The Lakota and Dakota Nations have called for anyone who feels moved to do so to help in whatever way they can. Burning Clean for the Re-LOVE-ution has made it our mission to hold space for the protectors, join them on the front lines in prayer, support all who must endure the intense legal battle, and do everything in our power to ensure their safety and survival throughout the winter months. We have already given $1700 to the Love Water Truck, the company that is providing clean drinking water for the camps. We also helped to jumpstart a recycling project. Many people mistakenly believe that our fight is over. But being here at camp for a few months now, we all see that there is a lot more here to be done. There are a few specific projects we have now undertaken that we are raising funding for.

Firstly, we would like to tackle camp’s greatest need right now – firewood. A great friend of ours has coordinated a large amount of local wood to be picked up from Fort Yates, a town that is about 45 minutes from here. Local wood is much more viable than importing huge shipments of wood from all over the country, because it has a lower risk of being infested with an invasive species of insect, which would be detrimental to the environment here – the very thing we are working so hard to protect. We need a box truck so that we can pick up this very essential shipment of wood. The box truck would also be used for making supply runs to various towns, and for picking up building materials from the nearby Lowe’s. We estimate the truck to be anywhere from $1500 to $3000. You can donate to the purchase of the box truck here: paypal.me/burnclean.

I have additionally been working with a political action committee (or PAC), called Wild Willpower. Wild Willpower is preparing to file one of the class action lawsuits in support of the Water Protectors. This lawsuit is giving Water Protectors the chance to work as pro se litigants and represent themselves against the government and corporations behind this pipeline. This lawsuit is very in-depth, as we are not held to the restrictions of lawyers who work under a bar association. Distance, the creator of the Wild Willpower PAC, has been working here since August, working day in and day out. In addition to filing the suit itself, Distance would like to produce the suit into textbook form, and also print off a guide on pro se litigation that she has created, in order to spread knowledge of a field that is usually held in secrecy. The PAC needs a bit of funding to build a workspace, so that we can expedite this grueling process, especially as we enter the legal phase with our fellow Water Protectors. Any extra funding after the purchase of the box truck will be directly transferred into Lowe’s cards for this project and various other building projects, including a recycling facility, a workshop, an internet connection for camp and alternative energy structures.

We and the people of Standing Rock give our deepest gratitudes to all who help and support us through these harsh winter months, whether financially or spiritually.


Naomi Langley
Burning Clean Coordinator

The Fort Laramie Treaty
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
The Clean Water Act
The National Environmental Policy Act
The Indian Reorganization Act
The National Historic Preservation Act
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Burning Clean for the Re-LOVE-ution Facebook Page
Wild WillPower PAC
The Standing Rock Class Action Lawsuit
Plenty, International
American Indian Movement


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