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Oasis Village-FREE Temporary Housing for Fire Survivors

Location: Santa rosa, ca - Map It STATUS: Active

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Thousands of people have been displaced by the recent Northern California fires leaving families homeless with nowhere to go. Sadly, there is not enough rental housing available to accommodate the vast housing needs and municipalities are completely overwhelmed. Camp Epic, a theme camp at Burning Man, is gifting ready to use container housing that will house at least 75 people that will prioritize people who rented their homes and are uninsured in Santa Rosa. We’re calling it Oasis Village, and we need your support to make this project a success. This is truly a communal effort and everyone is invited to participate. Please join us! 



  • Transportation costs for seven containers to be transported round trip from Reno to Santa Rosa.
  • Kitchen Supplies for the communal kitchen
  • Attaining and maintaining additional housing units (tents, trailers, RVs)
  • If we collect donations beyond our goal it will be used for rebuilding Sonoma County and spent based on the merit and impact of the projects.

-Coffey Park, Santa Rosa: It will be a long road ahead for fire survivors, and they will need all of our support.

Check out the Press Coverage from the Reno Gazette and The Press Democrat

ARE YOU LOCAL? VOLUNTEER WITH US! Please fill out our Volunteer Interest Form

We will need many volunteers over the next year to support Oasis Village. In the beginning we need people who can help with making the space warm and inviting-setting up shade structures, tables, chairs etc. Once the village is set up, volunteers will be needed for cooking, gathering supplies and many other tasks.


We are also collecting the names of people who have RVs to lend or donate. Please Fill out This Form if you can lend or donate your RV.

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