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A day in the life: five more before sunset

Wonder what a day in the life of BWB Sandy is like?

Take a look at today’s to do list:

9am – Anthony and Mary Chepulis    504 Front St
Two story grey building with lots of frontal damage

10am – Constantine Zios    621 and 623 Front
2 units. One is a two story with a whale on the side. Owner wants wale saved. Other is just a foundation.

2:30pm –  Mark Morris    800 Prospect Ave
white house, green trim

Any time – John Witkowski    813 Prospect Ave
Boarded up, off white

In case it’s not clear, that’s a list of all the houses they’re going to demolish, and where, and for whom. All the while taking the time to recover what personal items they can, and of course leaving no trace. And doing it all without any cost to the homeowner.

The only thing we need to keep going is gas, food, and a roof over our heads. If you can, please share this post, or make a donation here. Thanks, and happy holidays!


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