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PROJECTS BLOG 11/10/2009

Passing the Torch-Volunteers Welcome!

Where have the last 11 weeks gone?  I arrived at Pisco Sin Fronteras in Pisco Peru on the 16th August and now it’s November and I am now on my way to New Zealand! I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived but was immediately made welcome and could sense the great feeling of good around the place. I happened to pick the weekend of PSF’s 1st anniversary to arrive, so much partying had been done that a rest day was required on Monday!  However the Tuesday 8am morning meeting soon arrived and everyone was off to start the day’s work.

The main project I have been involved in during my time in Pisco has been the setting up of a biodiesel manufacturing plant. As it was something I knew very little about  I had to learn fast  and it has been fascinating.
Burners without Borders has financed the purchase and setting up of the equipment and is actively looking for someone to come down to Pisco and be responsible for the running of it during the coming months.  It is an exciting prospect as I believe the potential this project has on so many fronts is huge.  It will help introduce and further integrate PSF and what it is doing to the local community, show a truly active commitment to better environmental practices and generate an income to provide PSF with funds to help those left abandoned and living in awful conditions following the earthquake.

I can’t really think of a better way for a volunteer to get involved with what PSF is doing and to help the people of Pisco both now and in the longer term. It will be a fascinating way to get to know the local community as close contact with them will be needed to facilitate a good source of waste vegetable oil for the making of biodiesel. This will be achieved by talking to and educating local restaurant and business owners about the process and benefits of biodiesel. PSF will be running its own truck on biodiesel which will not only save them money but will also be a great aid to demonstrating the quality of the fuel produced and the savings that can be made by using it. Add into that the fact that a waste product that would normally be thrown down the drains of Pisco is instead being made into fuel that is much better for the environment than diesel and it is an exciting project with which to get involved.

I have had a great time at PSF meeting some wonderful people and seeing that the work PSF does truly makes a difference to people’s lives.  Many thanks to everyone for making my stay so enjoyable and I very much hope I can return in the near future. I leave with some great memories and excited by what the biodiesel project can do for the future.

-Richard Vinson

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