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Big Pine Paiute Permaculture Action Day #OnTheRoadToBurningMan

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Join the Big Pine Paiute Tribe, Burners Without Borders, Permaculture Action Network, and the Indigenous Farming Project for a Permaculture Action Day on the Road to Burning Man at the Big Pine Paiute Tribal Garden. The garden is a publicly-accessible demonstration project that features permaculture design, perennial & annual plant cultivation, and plants native to the Eastern Sierras.

Everyone is welcome and this event is free to attend!

Join us anytime after 5:30pm on Friday, August 26th when the weekly farmers’ market opens to the community. You are welcome to camp overnight on the land with us! We will have food, a basic solar shower, and other hospitality provided. We will work on hands-on projects all day Saturday, August 26th while we share meals and story, listen to live musical performances, and participate in workshops and skillshares.
This permaculture food sovereignty project of the Big Pine Paiute is located along Highway 395 in Big Pine, CA, at the Big Pine Paiute Tribal Headquarters. We have designed this day to fall on a perfect midpoint for folks traveling to Burning Man’s Black Rock City from the Southwest of the United States. Leave Friday evening and come camp with us, or leave Saturday morning to come take action with us for a few hours before continuing your drive up to Black Rock City (gates open at 12:01am on Sunday and it’s a 5 hour drive from Big Pine up to Black Rock City).

Who Are the Big Pine Paiute Tribe?
“Big Pine Paiute Tribe is federally recognized and resides on the Big Pine Indian Reservation in Big Pine, California.
Our ancestors lived in harmony with all organisms through a lifestyle based on traditional subsistence. Our ancestors gathered resources from the earth in a varying schedule which relied on seasons and locations. In the fall, the most important food item for our ancestors, pinenuts were gathered. Pinenuts were gathered in the mountains and sometimes if the crop was plentiful, they would stay in the groves throughout the winter. In spring, the valley floor would create an abundance of plant resources including seeds, berries and roots vital to the health of our people. All the resources our ancestors needed for a subsistence lifestyle relied on one variable which was unpredictable…water.”

What Action-Based Projects Are Happening?:
We will be building a large greenhouse for winter growing and digging rainwater catchment earthworks and swales to catch and store rainwater in the soil. Ever wanted to learn how to catch and store water in the soil to nourish your gardens? Want to build a large food-growing greenhouse? Join us on your way to the burn!

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