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Buklod Ng Kabataan-Youth Bonding Together

Location: Banaba, Philippines - Map It STATUS: Completed

At International Disaster Volunteers, our focus is on helping disaster affected and at risk communities become more able to meet their own needs. In the community of Banaba, a community in a flood plane in the outskirts of Manila, that means helping residents prepare for the floods which devastate the area annually.

Frequent Flooding is Devastating for People Living in Poverty

In the past, most years saw only mild flooding, with big, destructive floods following a ten-year cycle. However, climate change means that big floods are now more frequent, and as more of the community’s most vulnerable residents have been forced to live on the riverbanks by poverty and unregulated development the effects of “mild” floods are worsening.

For the thousands of Banaba residents who survive on less than $2 a day living in shacks along the riverbanks, these floods are devastating. Many have had to rebuild their homes twice since 2012. But while Banaba’s residents are vulnerable, they aren’t helpless. They’ve been fighting to make their community stronger through a people’s organization called Buklod Tao  since 1997.

Community Prevention Strategies

And it’s not just adults fighting. Buklod Tao is the parent organization of youth group “Buklod Ng Kabataan” , or “Youth Bonding Together”. Buklod Ng Kabataan’s members have a simple goal: To protect and promote mother earth. Their vision is a safe, healthy future for the young people in their community.

At EDV, we believe that empowering young people is key to creating more sustainable, resilient communities in the long-term, so we’re working closely with Buklod Ng Kabataan to help the next generation take charge of their future.

With BWB’s support, we’ve already teamed up with Buklod Tao’s fantastic partner, the Philippines Educational Theatre Association to help Buklod Ng Kabataan hold their very own theatre arts workshop.

Moving forward, we’ll be supporting Buklod Ng Kabataan’s environmental activism and holding enriching after school activities for group members including reading centres where more young people can get involved in Buklod Ng Kabataan’s activities.

Stay Connected, Volunteer and Donate

Buklod Ng Kabataan will be blogging on BWB’s website about what it’s like to be a young person in the Philippines fighting for a more resilient community, so we hope you’ll stay tuned.

You can support Buklod Ng Kabataan’s great work by making a tax deductible donation , fundraising , or joining us in the Philippines as a volunteer .

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