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BWB Seattle-Get Involved!

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BWB Seattle is dedicated to making a positive impact on our community.  For many years, that meant organizing fundraisers and sending the proceeds to Burners Without Borders, to aid with the work being done post Katrina, in Haiti, the Philippines and more.

How We Got Started

In late 2010, disaster hit a family in our community.  A winter storm made it so their home needed to be evacuated very quickly.  Within 2 hours of the initial call for help, people mobilized, showed up to pack up everything in their home, put it in a rental truck, and took it to a storage unit.  Lodging was taken care for the family, and dinner was made for the volunteers.

It was then that we realized that if we could get more than 50 people in a couple hours to help one family, we should be able to mobilize more on a regular basis to make a direct impact where we live. In Feburary 2011, BWBS, a Washington State Nonprofit organization was born.

Get Involved

We focus on projects that benefit our local community, whether its building chicken coops for Seattle Tilth, or throwing Birthday parties for kids who otherwise wouldn’t have one. Check out our Past Projects page to find out more, or even submit your own project!

Check out our Facebook Page to see what we are up to and join us!

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