Everyday, Burners Without Borders transforms communities through innovative disaster relief programs and community initiatives that make a lasting impact. 



Burners Without Borders New York Working Group

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Burners Without Borders believes that people have the inherent capacity to solve their own problems, and that social transformation is within the reach of all communities. We do not need to wait for a disaster to strike to build community resilience around the world.

Burners Without Borders NYC is for burners who’d like to volunteer. Or help in ways other than volunteering. Or learn about great projects to be inspired by, big and small. Or hang out with people who know how to be creative and interesting and generally Care. We don’t tell you what to do, we’re just there to support you while you do it and help you find your crowd to do it with.

BWB NYC is our local BWB Working Group. Not in NYC? That’s great! This Working Group is expanding, so anyone in NY is welcome to connect to amplify one another’s civic work.

Learn about previous initiatives and connect on our social platforms:

Also, you might want to check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/volunteersBWB/ — to connect with folks from every corner of the world.

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