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BWB Colorado Flood Relief

Location: Milliken, colorado - Map It STATUS: Completed

Our hearts go out to the survivors of the Colorado floods that have devastated vast regions of the state. BWB volunteers are on the ground in Milliken, CO helping homeowners clean out their homes, and enable them to take the next steps in getting back on their feet by November 1st.

UPDATE 10/14

Check out this video from a local news station covering the volunteer work that is transforming the community of  Milliken.


Craig Coleman and Jordan Chabalowski have been on the ground since the floods receded and are leading work weekends in Milliken. Contact Jordan if you would like to volunteer at 715-505-3023.

BWB’s Priorities and Strategy Post-Disaster

BWB’s priority is to find places where our volunteer efforts can build capacity in the region for the relief effort and fill in the gaps of the federal response.  We typically search for schools that need help cleaning up so they can invite their students back and quickly create a sense of normalcy for the children. We also look for any community centers or churches who need help cleaning up so that they can better serve the needs of the community at this crucial time. Frequently, there are isolated areas that do not receive support. If you are aware of any communities who are falling through the cracks, please get in touch at carmen@burnerswithoutborders.org.

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