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Solidarity Events with DA’s Black Rock MOOPathon!

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Maybe you’ve heard about DA’s Black Rock MOOPATHON? From June 26th to July 3rd he’s walking the entire 447 from the highway to the Black Rock Desert picking up MOOP and raising money for the Burning Man’s Sustainability Initiative. The Journey will last for 8 days and cover 85 miles with a goal of raising 1$ per BRC participant to raise $80k going towards sustainability projects.

Feeling inspired?  Want to create a solidarity cleanup and Leave No Trace in your own community?  Here’s a framework to set-up your own ‘DA’s Black Rock MOOPATHON: #YOUR CITY#’. Let’s see how much MOOP this global community can pick up around the world! Challenge your friends & family to donate to DA’s Black Rock MOOPATHON in solidarity of your own local cleanup and help DA reach his goal. LEAVE NO TRACE!

So how can you get involved and do your own community initiative? We’re inspired by what the Urban Restoration Community did this past weekend in Oakland!

Steps to creating your own Moopathon:
1) Choose the date and time of your moopathon event.
2) Choose a location.  (Is there a neighborhood your community uses a lot? A park? A beach? Consider a low-traffic area so adults and kids can be involved!)
Name your event: ‘DA’s Black Rock MOOPATHON: #YOUR CITY#’
3) Consider what sort of MOOP supplies you might need: Gloves, trash picker (moop-stick), garbage bags or buckets.
4) Consider what sort of other supplies you might need: masks, water bottle, sunscreen, hat.
5) Write out some safety & socially distanced guidelines for your group to follow. (example:  don’t pick up hazardous materials like needles or feces!)
6) Think about ways you could add art and fun to the day: Urban Restoration did a mural walk of #BlackLivesMatter artwork. Could you have a mobile sound system? Costumes? How else could you make it a creative day?
7) Coordinate with your city for waste disposal pick up services or encourage volunteers to take one bag each home.
8) Invite your local community! Share the event with your friends and family, your Regional Burning Man groups, and with local news outlets.
9) Send us an email at actionday@burningman.org so we can add your event to our list!
10) Do your event in solidarity! And make sure you tag @burnerswithoutborders on IG or use the hashtags #NoMoop #Moopathon #LeaveNoTrace #LeaveitBetter #burnerswithoutborders
11) Don’t forget to measure how much MOOP you gather, take pictures and send them to us!

Questions?  Actionday@burningman.org
Let’s see how this community can LEAVE A POSITIVE TRACE and walk in solidarity with DA from Playa Resto!

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