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Donate old Kindles & iPads to The Girls Vocational School at Vision for Africa

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Written by Anne Prinzhorn:

The Girls Vocational School at Vision for Africa is now about 12 years old. Our teachers were so so poor in the beginning that you could hardly call it a school.  Carola, an Austrian relative, and I built it 12 years ago and placed it in a mission called Vision for Africa.  They are missionaries.  I am a tad too tolerant for their taste but building a girls school without security would be an invitation to disaster.  The mission is secure and now supports over 5000 children in one form of education or another.  School are dispersed throughout Uganda.  The 5000 children would have absolutely no other chance for education. The education is now improving yearly (better now that The SMILE is in place) and the food tolerable. Personally my body hates corn meal and beans.  Students presence at school (yes the fact that they are alive) is controlled once or twice per year by the Vision for Africa staff and I have great respect for the system in place.  The people controlling that children are present and alive are local people employed by the mission.  We have over 200 local employees!

The Girls Vocational School teaches computer (Typing,Word, Power Point, Excel, Quicken), tailoring, hospitality service and now a few of the girls are learning plumbing and electrical skills.

There is a Boys Vocational School and a Primary School, a computer dept teaching printing, and a small hotel for sponsors who visit the children they sponsor.  The hotel teaches girls and boys hospitality skills.  Of recent these students are getting jobs in some of the hotels.  Initially no business would recognize that we taught valuable skills.  This is changing. Finally!

Students who graduate without a tool (hammer, trowel, saw, computer, pliers or screw driver) cannot get jobs. Education is important but so are tools.  That is why I carry used kindles & iPads.

Your generously shared Kindle will change a life.  If you have an old iPad or kindle you can ship it off and help educate more kids. She asks that you not wipe it clean and let her do it.  Just pack it up and remember to send the cord!

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 Anne Prinzhorn
 P.O. Box 1364
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