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Global Wave of Service 2017 – Accepting Projects!

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To create awareness within the Burning Man Regional Network of the BWB civic engagement mission. This mission is to globally promote activities that support a community’s inherent capacity to thrive by encouraging innovative and grassroots initiatives that make a positive community impact. The BWB Global Wave of Service serves as the foundation for creating a culture of ongoing engagement of BWB projects at the Regional Network level.

Project Overview:
Every Region would be asked/challenged to do a single BWB project within a 128 day time frame from the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference [GLC] (March 30th –  April 2nd, 2017) until the Burning Man Event (August 27th- September 2nd). It is emphasized these projects are not per Regional Contact, but by Region. 

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Scope of Projects:
We encourage projects that can be completed within a few hours. You may initiate your own project, or explore within your broader home community, identifying existing volunteer opportunities where you can collaborate and bring something special to that volunteer role for a day. Whatever you choose, make sure the projects are at the level of complexity you feel most comfortable with.

Examples include:

  • Starter – Food or clothing collection at an event, food bank crew shift, making gift packages for the homeless
  • Medium – Costume neighborhood clean-up, planting trees/ gardening for a communal space, organizing a workshop.
  • Advanced – A day on a rebuilding project such as Habitat for Humanity/Rebuilding Together, or a wall painting project at a shelter, a celebration fundraiser
  • More Advanced – Chiditarod (costumed bar crawl food & cash fundraiser). A More Advanced project may not be finished in the expected timeframe. However, the start on a viable plan works just as well.

*Please note these are examples and not what the project expectation is at each level.
If a Region has an ongoing project or is the process of starting a previously planned project, the intent would not be to start a new project. They may submit those projects to showcase their Region’s BWB efforts.

Project Budget:
No specific budget amount is associated with the projects. The expectation and encouragement is to have projects be little or no expense to the Region. Any expenses incurred is paid from within the Region.  You are invited to apply for the 2017 BWB Community Micro-Grant Program , whereby grants ranging from $100-$1,500 are awarded to civic engagement projects (Deadline June 1st).

Need Resources to help organize and plan your project?
Check out our ‘Kick-Starting your own Civic Project‘ document.  If you have more support or have questions send us an email:  bwb@burningman.org

Showcasing your Project:
All Global Wave of Service projects will be recognized and shared!
Recognition includes:

  • Documentation on the BWB website.
  • Inclusion in the BWB display at ‘Everywhere’ pavilion at BRC, for those that submit their project form and visual documentation prior to August 15.
  • Highlighted write-up on the Burning Man Journal. 
  • A summary document of the projects will be produced for circulation. This document will be based on the content submitted for the BWB National website.

Sending Us Project Documentation:
At the completion of your Global Wave of Service project, an informational form should be completed by the project lead and be inclusive of pictures (video is even better) telling the story of the project.

The Global Wave of Service documentation form can be found at: BWB Global Wave of Service Submission Form

Supporting pictures and video should be sent to: bwb@burningman.org – Be sure to identify the project & region when submitting pictures and/or video.

> How to create a Project.