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Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Location: Aransas Pass, Texas - Map It STATUS: Active

BWB Corpus Christi is on the ground organizing relief efforts in the Aransas Pass, Texas region. Please DONATE HERE to support ongoing recovery efforts. Many BWB Texas Chapters are also doing amazing work. To find out how you can volunteer, fill out the Volunteer Interest form below. For updates stay tuned here and on the BWB Facebook page.

General Volunteer Interest Form
Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering with the BWB crew in South Texas. We ask that nobody show up until they have been contacted by a Volunteer Coordinator.

BWB Sanctuary Volunteer Interest Form
Burners Without Borders Sanctuary is geared toward supporting our community’s psychological well-being. We are peer-based emotional support for individuals who are psychologically struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

At this time, our greatest need is for those with experience/training and certification in the following areas:
1) Case Management
2) Mental Health
2) Child Care

**We also need bilingual volunteers.** Please note that completing this form only informs us of your interest in volunteering with our team. We will be in contact with you soon with more information on how you can help. No special skills or previous experience is necessary, just a willingness to work hard for a good cause.

Thank you!


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